Friday, August 12

Top Vegan Makeup Brands

Are you vegan? Then you know that it can be tricky to know which makeup is free of animal ingredients. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of vegan makeup brands for you.

Below you can find makeup brands that either only has vegan makeup products or parts of their collection of makeup products that are vegan friendly.

Couleur Caramel

All makeup from French Couleur Caramel is completely vegan.

Hynt Beauty

Everything is vegan except for the Nocturne mascara.

Juice Beauty

The whole range is vegan.


Some of Beneco’s products are vegan – while others are not. Within the product categories, it can also differ between the nuances.


All makeup brushes & accessories from EcoTools are vegan.

RMS Beauty

When it comes to RMS Beauty, their “beauty oil”, Swift Shadows and Makeup Remover Wipes are vegan, the rest contains beeswax.

Crazy Rumors

All lipstick from Crazy Rumors is vegan friendly.

Dr. Hauschka

Some of Dr. Hauschka’s products are vegan.

Zuii Organics

The entire makeup range from Zuii Organics is vegan friendly.

Kure Bazaar

All varnishes from Kure Bazaar are vegan!

Lily Lolo

Some of Lily Lolo’s products are vegan.

Nvey Eco

The makeup series is not entirely vegan as it is beeswax in some products (the only animal raw material at Nvey Eco). The dry products have no beeswax per se, and thus they are then completely vegan to their content (but without being vegan certified).


All makeup from Italian PuroBio is vegan!