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21 Natural and Organic Makeup Brands

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Organic makeup is something that has exploded in popularity in recent years. As people have learned that non-organic makeup may include strange ingredients, ingredients that are not good for your skin, and even ingredients that have not been ethically developed, they opt for better alternatives that ensure good and positive ingredients.

There are many makeup brands out there, but in using makeup, you only want the best ingredients for skin. In this post, we share some of the top makeup brands that either exclusively has natural and organic products or brands where parts of their products are organic.

But before we dig in, let’s try to understand what organic makeup really is.

What is organic makeup?

Apart from the fact that organic makeup, as the name suggests, is makeup made with ingredients that you can trust, they also have a lot of benefits as well.

Organic makeup is makeup that is natural. This generally means free from additives such as parabens, preservatives, chemicals, dyes, oil, etc. Because of this, the skin loves organic makeup much more than non-organic. Furthermore, the makeup is thus much less likely to irritate the skin, which is particularly important for people with sensitive skin.

If you have skin problems such as eczema or rosacea, organic makeup is a must. You will be shocked at how much better the skin reacts to organic makeup, and once you have tried it, you will likely not want to go back.

Something worth knowing is that the usage of “organic” in makeup may be used in a misleading way for some products. The reason is that there are essentially no clear laws on what type of makeup can be labeled as organic. This is why it is not only important to buy a makeup product on which it says “organic” but also from a brand that is known to make high-quality makeup products with good ingredients. Furthermore, make sure you read labels carefully and do your own research.

Worth noting is also that there is a difference between natural and organic skincare products. Natural skin care products use ingredients available in nature.

The definition of organic makeup products is slightly different, with the idea being that it uses naturally sourced, chemically unaltered ingredients. The benefit of this is that you can get a better idea of what ingredients you put on your skin and that you can be sure in the fact that you are not putting any dangerous or irritating substances on your face.

An important benefit of buying organic makeup is that you vote with your wallet. When more people buy organic makeup, this is the direction the industry will go towards. And this is exactly what has happened, which has caused the organic makeup space to grow so immensely.

It’s also worth noting that with organic makeup products, you may have to compromise on some aspects since some of the organic ingredients may have worse characteristics than the regular, chemical counterparts. This may mean that organic makeup does not last as long or that it does not work as well. However, this is only generally speaking, and there are of course many amazing organic makeup products on the market.

Furthermore, as the industry grows, research and development will be invested in organic makeup to find organic ingredients that are just as effective as regular makeup products. Another reason for this is that organic makeup is only relatively new in comparison to regular makeup. Regular makeup has been improved, refined, and innovated for centuries, whereas organic makeup hasn’t had this time.

Top Natural and organic makeup brands and products


This is an American brand that makes great and organic makeup.


Comes from Australia and started with mineral makeup but now has a huge range and lots of new products going on. Really good stuff that works. Everything is ecologically certified.


German brand that makes affordable makeup. Their products are certified according to BDIH.


JUICE BEAUTY is an American brand with only natural and organic ingredients and with really good products. American actress Gwyneth Paltrow has developed the products.


Australian brand that makes really good products. Ecologically certified.


British brand that does mineral-based makeup without any strange ingredients.


One of my favorite brands is Australian Nvey Eco. I love all their foundations, BB Cream, primer, rouge and many of their eyeshadows. Certified according to Natrue.

RMS Beauty makeup

If you are into more cream-based makeup, you must check out Rms Beauty. All products are raw and organic.


The German classic Dr Hauschka has relaunched its entire makeup. Certified according to Natrue.


Italian budget brand that has a large range. Ecologically certified.


Also German, also certified according to BDIH and also NaTrue.


American brand that makes great foundations, cream puffs, skimmer sticks and good looking lip products.


French brand with really great basic products and also eye shadows, bronzers, mascara, lipsticks. Certified according to Cosmebio.


Yet another American brand that does natural and organic makeup.


German, certified according to BDIH and also NaTrue.


If you have a little more money to spend, try the makeup from Danish Kjaer Weis. It is ecologically certified and really good.