Thursday, May 23

5 Makeup and Beauty Products Against Dry Winter Skin

With the winter cold unfortunately also often comes dry skin. But as a matter of fact, you may struggle with dry skin all year round.  Fortunately, there are many tricks you can use to tackle the dry winter skin.

Having dry skin can be damaging to your complexion. Dry skin is generally the result of a skin that does not produce enough of the oils that it needs to be well-balanced. At the same time, if you have dry skin, it may eventually balance it out by producing too much oils, which causes your skin to become shiny and fat. There is a fine balance here, but to make sure that you get a well-balanced skin if you tend to be dry, it is vital to moisturize properly.

In this post, we share our best tips against this.

1. Moisturizing face cream

A moisturizing face cream is crucial against dry skin. There is nothing worse than feeling how the skin tightens and how the cold really bites the cheeks. This is the single most important step for tacking dry skin. Find a skin cream that is right for you and use generously all winter! There are many different moisturizing face creams, and there is no real answer to which you should choose. The best way to find one that suits your complexion is to try. Bear in mind that not all face creams are created equal. Some are extremely fat, which may work well if your skin is extremely dry. Some moisturizing creams work to help the skin balance its dryness, and therefore, it may not be as fat. Try, and find one that you feel gives the best results. Just make sure to moisturize when you feel the skin gets dry.

2. Moisturizing foundation

A moisturizing foundation is a great idea if you have dry skin. Many foundations have a tendency to dry out the skin, and this is the last thing you want if it is already dry. Therefore, opt for a foundation that has a moisturizing effect.

Avoid foundation with oil or those that promise a matte result and you will be able to balance your dryness perfectly, even throughout the day.

3. Face masks moisturize in-depth

Face masks are great at both cleaning and moisturizing in depth. Face masks work to revitalize your skin, give it the nourishment and vitamins it needs, but also most importantly, moisturize the skin. Face masks work in-depth, unlike many moisturizing creams. Therefore, it is a great complement to your skincare routine to tackle your dry complexion. Make it a habit to use face masks at least once a week, but ideally several times a week. You can also apply the mask before you go to bed and let the mask work wonders while you are sleeping. In addition to face masks, Kratom for skin care is also a popular choice.

4. Ointment against dry skin

This is really a savior in distress for your skin care. Ointments with multifunction are the first aid kits for winter skin. These give rich moisture and are great for really dry skin. Generally, these may be too fat to use on your face, but they work wonders for dry hands, elbows, cuticles, or really anywhere you feel dry. If you want, you can try using it on your face and see how it feels. Keep an ointment in your purse so you can get through the winter months.

Best tips against dry skin

Bear in mind that your dry skin may be a result of your lifestyle and habits. Now, you may have a dry skin complexion regardless of your lifestyle and habits, and important to note regardless of which it is, is to tweak both your lifestyle but also to use the right products because both can help against dry skin.

As discussed, the skin tends to become drier in the winter due to less humid air and colder temperatures. This is often why you tend to get drier skin in the winter – regardless if you struggle with a dry complexion during the rest of the year or not.

A few good tips include avoiding long, hot showers and baths. Whilst baths and long showers can be amazing, they remove oils from your skin. Therefore, limit your bath or shower time.

Avoid drying soaps

The products you use are extremely important. Therefore, avoid harsh and drying soaps. It doesn’t matter if you use a good moisturizing cream, because drying soaps will create an imbalance in your complexion. Instead, when showering, use gentle skin cleansers and bath or shower gels with added moisturizers. Use mild soaps that have added oils and fats.

When you are done showering or bating, make it a habit to apply moisturizers immediately after. Since your skin is softened up, it will absorb the moisturizer better.

Use a humidifier

As mentioned, one of the primary reasons for drier skin in the winter is due to lower humidity in the air. Therefore, it can help to use a humidifier indoors to give you the needed humidity when at home.

Choose clothes with care

The clothes you wear are also important for your skin. Make sure you wear clothes that are soft and kind to your skin, and which allows it to breathe. Silk and cotton are good alternatives. Avoid washing with detergents, and try to avoid perfumes and dyes.

Avoid sponges

When showering, avoid bath sponges or scrub brushes to avoid damaging the skin. Ideally, you should avoid any scrub brush or cloths.

Apply moisture to your hands

During the winter, the hands are often what tends to become the driest. Therefore, apply moisturizer immediately after bathing or washing your hands.