Wednesday, June 3

5 Makeup and Beauty Products Against Dry Winter Skin

With the winter cold unfortunately also often comes dry skin. Fortunately, there are many tricks you can use to tackle the dry winter skin. In this post, we share our best tips against this.

1. Moisturizing face cream

A moisturizing face cream is crucial against dry skin. There is nothing worse than feeling how the skin tightens and how the cold really bites the cheeks. Find a skin cream that is right for you and use generously all winter!

2. Moisturizing foundation

A moisturizing foundation is the best option for dry skin A foundation adapted for dry skin may be just what is needed to still look flawless during the winter. Avoid foundation with oil or those that promise a matte result and it will be best.

3. Face masks moisturize in-depth

Face masks are great at both cleaning and moisturizing in depth. In addition, it will be a wonderful moment for yourself in the winter darkness. You can also apply before you go to bed and let the mask work wonders while now sleeping.

4. Ointment against dry skin

This is really a savior in distress. Ointments with multifunction are the first aid of winter skin. Use on dry hands, elbows, cuticles or really anywhere you feel dry. Keep in your purse, desk, and sink so you can get through the winter months.

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