7 Best Primers You Will Love

A primer should work without being visible – the thin creams attach the foundation to your moisturizer while also helping to smooth out the skin surface and hide large pores. In short: Primer is the best kind of filter. In this post, we share some of the best primers out there that we are sure you will love!

Peter Thomas Roth

This primer fills in pores and lines and smooths the skin tone. Should be used under foundation but is at least as good as everyday makeup (“no pores, no lines, smoother skin tone”).

Idun Iris face primer

Silicone-free but silky manure containing antibacterial carbon powder. You get a perfect attachment for foundation and avoid seeing wrinkles and bumps.

Hourglass mineral primer

Oil-free lotion that really blends into the skin and makes it smooth, smooth and ready for foundation. The silk-matte finish erases most flaws. But quality costs!

 Smashbox primer

Primer combined with effective moisturizing suits many dry greases. The skin stays supple and the makeup has no chance of slipping into wrinkles and creases.

LA girl Pro prep HD smoothing face primer

Dense gel-cream that fills in small wrinkles and helps the foundation to sit evenly and nicely. It has been fortified with vitamin E, and the flat tube is perfect in the travel or exercise bag.

Rodial primer

Brightening primer with a sense of moisturizing serum. You get a fantastic glow, but without every little wrinkle being highlighted. Effect? Like an extra selfie filter!

The ordinary primer

Budget options that can compete with the best. The non-greasy cream is easy to apply thin, and it prevents rough pores from appearing. A cut for you with oily or mixed skin.

Primer tips

• Place the primer in as thin a layer as possible to ensure an effective bonding layer between your day cream and foundation.
• Feel free to use primer, even when unmasked: Most contain spheres that capture light and “blur” small wrinkles and bumps.
• Choose a good foundation that gives a radiant complexion and lasts a long time.
• For extra good durability: Finish off the makeup with a moisturizer of a really good facial mist.

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