Friday, August 12

8 Best organic makeup Products

Looking for new makeup? Here is our pick of really good organic makeup that you need in your makeup bag.



Hynt Beauty, Duet Perfecting Concealer comes in a sweet glass jar, soft and a little creamy and easy to work with. Slides nicely and smooths skin tone and has great durability. Really great.


Dr. Hauschka, Volume Mascara, Plum.

Lip color

Juice Beauty, Phyto-Pigments Luminous Lip Crayon Catalina, and Laguna. Soft, lovely on the lips and wonderful and useful colors. It has good durability and is really fun to use. Always have at least one in your bag!


Inika, BB Cream Foundation.


Dr. Hauschka, Color Correcting Powder.

Lip balm

Crazy Rumors, Hibiskiss Lip Color, Tropical.

Estelle & Thild,  Biomineral healthy glow foundation.

A great foundation that makes you ready for any gala.