Sunday, April 14

7 Best Facial Cleansers You Will Love for all Skin Types

The best facial cleanser should easily and effectively remove every makeup, but at the same time be so gentle that they do not dry out or irritate the skin. Here are the face cleansers that are the best in Test 2020.

A good facial cleanser is crucial to get flawless skin – and there are a variety of variants for different skin types. Here we list the best facial cleansers that you will love!

Best facial cleansers

1. Filorga Micellar Cleanser

Micellar water for mature skin. Micellar water is poured onto a cotton pad which is then pulled over the skin. No rinsing required. Effective, but of course the cleaning will take a while if you have full makeup. This face cleanser is gentle to the skin. Therefore, this cleanser fits very sensitive skin, but still cleans so effectively that it is also liked by oily skin.

2. Paula’s Choice RESIST Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser

Removes all makeup. A milky gel that foams easily. Removes all makeup, but requires two rounds to remove a full makeup. Very gentle to the skin, therefore fits very sensitive skin, but still cleans so effectively that it is also liked by oily skin.

3. Dermalogica facial cleanser

Bubbly, classic, dual gel, perfect for those who need lather feeling to feel clean. Absolutely odorless. Mild to the skin, but requires two rounds to remove all makeup residue.

4. Vichy Pureté thermal cleansing micellar oil

This is a cleansing oil that is massaged onto the skin and then easily rinsed off. Removes all makeup and dirt easily, even waterproof mascara. Leaves skin soft without feeling the least greasy.

5. Bioderma micellar water

This facial cleanser suits sensitive skin thanks to its super-efficient micellar water. Pour on a cotton swab and pull over the skin to catch makeup and dirt. No need to rinse. Also liked by very sensitive skin.

6. Exuviance cleansing lotion

Facial cleansing for normal skin. Creamy lotion that is easy to use and feels very nice to the skin. Really heavy makeup requires an extra round (or you supplement with another product afterward). Leaves skin healthy and moisturized.

7. Cicamed facial cleanser

This cleanser fits oily skin. A light, runny texture that foams. To remove all makeup, two rounds are required. Feels a little strong on the skin, therefore better suited to oily skin, but gives a moisturized and soft feel afterward.