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Top Tips for Applying Eyeshadow

How to Get Your Glitter Makeup to Stay

If you are not sure how to apply your eyeshadow, you have come to the right place. If you want to test new techniques we give tips on this. First, you have to choose the right eye shadow palette for your eye color, then you have to figure out how to use all different shades.

Use more dramatic shades for the evening, lighter shades for the day.

Step 1: Use a primer

First, apply a primer before applying eye shadow if you want it to last all day.

Why is this step so important? The primer holds the eyeshadow in place.

You can use your finger to apply a primer, some people who always use the primer usually use a brush for this. You can literally have a makeup brush for every step of your makeup process.

Step 2: Use a neutral color

All eye shadow palettes come with several different shades. You want you to choose a neutral shade: not the darkest, not the brightest. Use the neutral shade. For a more dramatic look, you can use a darker color, but if you have light skin and bright eyes, it may be a bit wrong.

You may be a better fit with a lighter shade. The twilight is fun for the evening but can make mature skin more wrinkly.

Why is this step important? The neutral color of the shadow is the main shadow base, from which you build the rest of your shadow.

Discard the foam applicator that can be included in the palette. The best tool for applying eyeshadow is a medium-sized eyeshadow brush. You can buy one at your pharmacy, in an online store or at the department store. Some beauty experts recommend using your fingers to apply eye shadow. This never worked for me.

Step 3: Use a darker color

In the next step, blend in a darker shade, from the inside of the eye with a thinner line that grows thicker and extends to the outside. Make sure the eyelids match and blend, blend, blend.

If you have a palette of 3 colors, choose the darkest color. If you have a palette of 4 colors, choose the 3rd darkest. If you are not using a palette, use a color that is the same shade as your neutral color. Why is this step important? This step adds drama and definition to your eyes. Use a brush designed for this step.

Step 4: Add a highlighter

If you feel your eyes still need more color, you can pick the brightest color in the palette and blend it.

Stay away from dark shades here.

Think of your eyelids as a rainbow, blending from light to dark to bright again. If you watch makeup application videos, you will see how important blending is when it comes to eyeshadow. Both eyelids must match and you want the colors to look like a rainbow, which blends seamlessly from light to dark and glows again.

Step 5: Use a light eyeshadow

To open the eyes, press your forefinger in the lightest color of the palette, and then tap the inner corner of the eye. This is the make-up artist’s secret to make the eyes wider.

Why is this step important: Nothing will make your eyes wake up like this trick. Don’t use this trick evenly, but it’s great for special parties and evenings. Always use your index finger here. You don’t want to use too much color.

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