How to Do a Glittery Party Makeup

How to Get Your Glitter Makeup to Stay

How to do a glittery party make-up

Sometimes you just want to do a glam makeup with glitter and sparkle. Something that enhances your makeup is glitter. But adding glitter to your makeup is perceived as scary by some people who are unsure of how to do it.

Here she shares how you succeed in doing glitter party makeup.

Sparkling eyes are very neat and elegant. But there is one big problem that causes many to avoid using it: the spill.
How fun is it to decorate the eyelids with the glitter when you know it’s just a matter of time before everything gets on your cheeks? Not to mention the waste that appears already when you try to make up.

Here are our top tips for glittery makeup.

1. Use a glitter primer

The glitter primer, or glitter glue as it is also called, is a product that helps the glitter attach where you want it. The result is more intense and lasts longer. In addition, you can blend glue with tinsel and eye shadow to make your own eyeliner.
Here is a list of some popular glitter glue.

Glitter primer, Nyx Professional makeup

2. Powder under eyes

Okay, now comes the solution to the next problem: The glitter rain that lands on the cheeks.
You can prevent this by putting a transparent powder under your eyes before you start makeup. This allows you to easily brush off the debris when you’re done.
Another tip is to do the eye makeup before foundation and concealer, and then remove the remnants with a cotton pad.

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