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How to do a Nice Makeup – Step by Step

3 Great Tips to Get a Nice Glow

How to do a nice make-up – step by step

Make-up is a part of everyday life for many people, and this is whether it is just about everyday life or a party, for example.

At work, you want to look representable and at a party, you really want to sparkle. What many people do wrong is that you see makeup as a bit of a must. It is not; you should instead see it as something fun, exciting and something that gives a big boost. If you do not like to apply make-up, we think that you either have the wrong bases, use the wrong tools, have bad products, or make it too difficult for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult to put on a nice make-up that really makes you shine. In this post, we share how to do a nice makeup step-by-step. These tips are great for every day as well as for more dressed-up occasions. However, you may want to consider another type of make-up if you are in a big rush.  That being said – here comes our suggestion:

How to do a nice makeup – a step-by-step guide

Start by cleaning your skin and moisturizing immediately afterward with a day cream.

This is the very foundation and makes sure you use a foundation that blends well with your own skin tone. Here you can test by putting some foundation on your cheekbone and see if it blends in with your own shade. Do it and then stick to that foundation. The basic rule is that a foundation should blend together and that it should not be visible by giving it its own color.

The powder ensures that your foundation is fixed and keeps it in place throughout the day – and at night. Use a large powder brush for maximum effect.

Use rouge

A rouge should just add a little redness to your face. Make sure to put a little focus and especially on the cheek apple (you will see it easier if you stand in front of the mirror and smile big).

Shade the brows slightly gently with a brown color; Cold, brown eyeshadow usually works well.
The eyes. Use primer and eye shadow and try to stick to natural colors – beige, brown, gray and white. Primer is what you start with and it is the one that will make the eyeshadow sit better eventually. You should also use eyeliner and here is the advice that you are both frugal and work from the inside out. End with a small wing obliquely upwards.
The eyelashes. One tip is to warm your eyelash bend before using it; it gives a more sustainable result.
Lips. Always start with a pen and paint around the lips. Then you take the lipstick and fill in as usual.

Tips on a fresh make-up

A lot of people have problems with their makeup and think it makes you look artificial and unnatural. In short; you want to use makeup – but when you do, the result is not satisfactory enough.

Do you understand the difference here? Make-up should make you look fresh, it should work – but without being seen. The goal should be that you look fresh and natural and not that you look like you spent all night in front of the mirror. We have tried to put together a few keys for a fresh make-up and we line them up below to make them a little easier to follow:

Fewer layers

Use only the necessary products. When it comes to makeup, the principle that less is more definitely applies.
A foundation should blend in with your natural skin tone and it should in no way take over. Try it out and make sure it’s light when you do it.

A little rouge spikes up. Use rouge and work your way from the cheekbones up to the temple with a soft brush. Here’s the emphasis on the word – a little – you don’t want to look like an Easter bunny.

Soft colors around the eyes. Beige and peach are two colors of eyeshadows that definitely give a fresher impression and which you can use with advantage. Also consider brown mascara, kajal, and eyeliner rather than black.
Lips. Either you keep them natural – but give them luster through regular lip sill. Or you stick to the soft colors – beige and peach – we mentioned in connection with the eye shadow.

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