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How to do a Glitter Eye Shadow Makeup

How to Get Your Glitter Makeup to Stay

Are you looking for a glittery eyeshadow that keeps what it promises? Want to learn how to apply glitter eyeshadow properly? In this post, we share some great tips on how you should apply your glitter makeup, as well as list some great products you can use.

Whether you want to go all-in on New Year’s or if you want to dress up a casual attire with something extra, eye shadow is the answer. If you want to invest in a make-up that stands out but is not particularly difficult to get done, then these tips will be very helpful. There are a lot of different glitter shades out there in the stores right now that can really be the top in the shop. But it can be difficult to know where to start looking and also how to do to make the makeup last all evening.

How to Succeed with Glitter eyeshadow

1. Always apply a glitter primer

Whether you use a regular shade, one with glitter or strong colors, it is always crucial to invest in a good primer that keeps the shade lasting all evening. A tip is to invest in a primer that is especially suited for glittery shadows.

2. Use the right product to attach the glitter

No, it is not possible to attach loose glitter to a regular dry shade – no matter how much you struggle to make it work. It will simply fall down on the cheek or spread out over the rest of the face. So, if you want to attach a loose glitter to the eyelid, invest in something that actually holds.

3. Invest in a good eye shadow

In order not to be disappointed by the result, it is important to know what you are looking for. Is it a glittery shade in a special color, something that is a little discreet or a shade that really pops? Yes, the possibilities are endless.

Therefore, make sure to invest in a shade that can help you achieve the results you want and be happy to work up the shade in stock. Applying too much at once can be a crucial part of your makeup that makes it look clumsy.

Below you will find some different suggestions for glittery eyeshadows in different colors.

Eye shadow palettes

Eye shadow palettes with glitter are really great if you want to achieve a glitter makeup. These are easy to use and gives you a glitter look in no-time. There are eyeshadow palettes with glitter or just with a shimmering effect. It all comes down to preference.

If you do not want to go all-in just yet but still feel a little extra shimmer, an eyeliner with glitter is perfect. It is also more discreet than a black eyeliner which makes it a little easier to apply. But remember that exercise gives skill!

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