Wednesday, July 24

Guide to New Year’s Makeup With Glitter

How can you create a glamorous makeup perfect for the new year? The answer is glitter! It can be difficult to know how to deal with the glitter and using it in makeup to make it last all evening. What are the best products for fastening the glitter? How to apply glitter in the best way?

In this post, you will learn how to apply loose glitter with the right products and how you can put a glamorous and glowing touch to your New Year’s makeup! No more being jealous of other people’s makeup – you’ll learn how to be a glitter pro in no time.

The first mistake many people make is to apply the loose glitter directly to their dry makeup. The issue with this is that the glitter will fall off within an hour and be all over the place. Many simply fail to attach the glitter properly with a product.

So what you need to keep the glitter fixed is a “glitter glue”, also known as glitter fix gel, which is a kind of adhesive to make it stick. There are several products on the market. Below, we share some glitter fixing products you can use:

Follow the instructions below to avoid getting the sparkle anywhere on your face during the evening!

  • Glitter fix gel
  • A glitter of any color
  • A brush – Small or Large

To attach glitter to the makeup:

Complete all of your makeup before starting with the glitter. Some people like to do everything except the mascara on the lashes to avoid getting glitter in that area. But either way works.

Apply fixing gel and then add the glitter.

How to remove glitter that falls down

Should you happen to get glitter under your eyes when applying, there is a great tip for removing the glitter quickly! Use a piece of tape.

Roll the tape around your finger and gently push away whatever is outside.

How to attach glitter to the nails

Use a thin layer of a really good Top Coat and apply it over your manicure. Then dip your nail directly into the tinsel or gently sprinkle over the glitter. Then finish by applying a thin layer again to fix. Done!

How to attach glitter to your lips

Here, use mixing Liquid that applies! Put the lipstick or lipstick first, dip the brush into the liquid/glitter and gently press everything.