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How to Enhance your Eye Color with Eyeshadow

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Eyeshadow can do wonders for your makeup. But the colors of your eyeshadow is very important to consider as eye color plays an effect on how the eyeshadow matches. Furthermore, the way you apply the eyeshadow is another critical aspect you need to do properly.

Here are some tips on how to easily match your eye shadow with your eyes. Knowing what eye color matches with what eyeshadow can be difficult, but this guide will help you get a better understanding of this, which is something that not everyone factors in when doing their eyeshadow makeup.

Firstly, an important step for good makeup is to use a primer that helps to smooth and smooth the skin so you can create smooth and fine eye makeup. Many primers also make the eyeshadows more pigmented and easier to use and blur.

The primer briefly acts as an adhesive for the eye shadows. The eyeshadow attaches much better which makes it much easier to apply, you do not have to work much at all to get a pigment-rich result and it is easy to put several colors next to each other without them dusting together and becoming as a single mess under the eyes.

Use colors that accentuate your eye color. Brown eyes are very good for blue, the darker eyes the darker blue you should use. Golden shadows make brown eyes look bigger. If you have blue eyes, you should choose warm tones such as bronze or orange, it will make the eyes stand out very much. Pink and gray are also very suitable for blue eyes. If you have green eyes, choose between different shades of purple.


Brown eyes fit well with brown and yellow eyeshadows. If the eyes have a colder brown color, you can use cold brown and yellow shadows. If the brown eyes have a warmer shade, you can use warmer orange-brown and yellowish shades.

Cold brown eyes are emphasized e.g. of the eye shadows Nougat, and cold Brown, while warm brown eyes are highlighted by the color warm Brown.


Blue eyes are easy to highlight because there are so many ways you can do it. For example, you can use warm brown and orange eyeshadows or you can use eyeshadows that are a little cooler like pink and purple or blue. It depends a little on whether you have a hot or cold blue tone. Blue eyes fit well with the eye shadows Nougat, warm Brown, Midnight Blue, Cold Grape, and Cold Shiny Pink.


Green eyes are nicely highlighted with the help of green eyeshadow, but you can also use red and orange eye shadows if you want to be a little festive. Then you can, for example, use green.

If you have blue-green eyes, you can emphasize the color you want of the two. If you want to emphasize the blue then you use the same eye shadows as you do with completely blue eyes and if you want to emphasize the green you do the same as with completely green eyes.

How to apply eyeshadow

If you want an eye shadow that lasts all day – use a primer. It improves the pigmentation of the eye shadow, the color becomes even and it stays on all day. In case your eyeshadow has a tendency to turn into creaks on your eyelids, it is because the eyelid is too fat. It may be due to facial oils or the foundation. To avoid this, you can put a thin layer of transparent powder on the eyelid before applying your eyeshadow.

If you use an eye shadow that is fully pigmented, there is a great risk that the shadow will fall and end up under the eyes. To avoid this, gently tap/shake off any excess shade after dipping the brush into the shade. Or, you can do the makeup of your eyes before applying foundation. This way you do not have to reapply your foundation and risk getting cakey.

It is crucial that you use the correct brushes for the application. It can make a huge difference in how your makeup sits and looks.

If you want to apply eye shadow like a professional,  spray some mist on the brush after dipping it in the shade. In this way, the pigment is enhanced and the shade sits extra well on the eyelid.

If you are prepared with primer and brushes and selected which palette or eyeshadows you want to use, then you will go to the next step. These tricks that we will share with you can be applied at all times, whether it is a casual or festive make-up.

Choose a palette of shadows where you have:

  • A light shade
  • A medium-dark shadow
  • A dark shadow
  • A metallic/glittery shade. You can use a matte light shade for a more everyday look
  • The easiest is if you choose the same color but in different strength/shade on the shadows.
  1. Use your fluffy blending brush to apply the dark shade in your inner corner of the eye and up to the line at the eyeball. Then use the same brush to apply the dark shadow to the outer edge of the eye and blend it out.
  2. You apply the matte lightest shade with the flat brush just below the eyebrow, and maybe in the middle of the eyelid to tie together the darker shadows for a more natural look – otherwise, you apply a metallic/glittery shade with the flat brush in the middle of the eyelid.
  3. Finish by spraying a setting spray over the face so that the makeup lasts a long time!

We hope this guide was helpful and that it will help you find the perfect colors that fit your eyes. Also, once you have done your eyes, don’t forget your hair. One thing you can do to greatly enhance your look it to focus on getting thicker hair.