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How to Do Eye Contouring According to Your Eye Shape

You may have just learned traditional contouring and thought that was all you ever needed to do for a nice make-up. Then you thought wrong. Now, the phenomenon of Eye Contouring has become an established trend in the beauty market!

Normal contouring is about brightening the right parts of the face to make the nose look narrower and the cheekbones as sharp as possible. Instead, eye contouring is about enlarging and brightening up. By applying makeup in a certain way, you can make your eyes look both much bigger but also more colorful. But in order to emphasize this in the best way, it is important to make up according to your type of eye shape. In the slideshow, you will get a guide on how to do eye contouring for your particular eyes.

Almond-shaped eyes

If you have almond-shaped eyes, apply an even base (preferably with a dark brown color) over the entire eyelid. Then add an even darker color to the outer edge of the eyebrow.

Hanging eyelids

If you have eyes that have some hanging eyelids, it is best to apply an even makeup with dark and light. Apply a dark base along the eyelid and then fill the rest of the eyelid with a matte lighter color.

Tight eyelids

If you have tight eyelids, it is best to work with the same color. Apply on the eyeshadow as a rise from the inner edge to the outer edge. You may also want to work with an eyeliner like the picture.

Protruding eyes

If you have protruding eyes, apply a uniform matte light color over the entire eyelid (and slightly below) – then apply a dark color just in the fold of the eyebrow.

Round eyes

If you have round eyes, this is the center of the eyelid we want to darken. So apply dark shades to the middle of the lid and light colors on the edges (both adjacent and out).

Small eyes

If you have small eyes, stick to light / mid-light colors to lift the eye. Use medium-light colors on the bottom of the lid and then fill the rest with a really light color.

Upside-down eyes

If you have upside-down eyes, apply a layer of dark eyeshadow to the lower edge of the eyelid.

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