Saturday, June 22

How to do Contouring According to Your Face Shape

Do you want to highlight or hide your lines? We show how to easily contour your face depending on face shape. Check out the guide and become a real professional on enhancing the face’s lines and shapes.

Oval face shape

If you have an oval face, the forehead is wider than the chin. Since your face is symmetrical, you should invest in highlighting your features.

Define your face shape by using a darker color along the forehead, temple, and jawline. Apply bronzer or powder that is 2-3 shades darker than your own skin tone with a Buffering brush.

Highlight your cheekbones by sculpting with a Sculpting brush like this one. Paint just below the cheekbones to get depth. Then finish with highlighting on the top of the cheekbone, under the eyebrow and on the chin.

Round face shape

Round faces are usually as long as wide. If you want to get the illusion of a more slender face, you can apply a foundation (2-3 shades darker than your own skin tone) along with the temple and on the underside of the cheekbone towards the outer part of the chin. Use a Sculpting brush to avoid sharp edges.

Finish by placing a highlighter on the top of the cheekbone and under the eyebrows and on the tip of the chin. Setting Brush is useful when you want to focus on smaller areas.

Elongated face shape

An elongated face usually has straight sides, a high forehead, and a longer chin. Start by applying foundation, preferably with Expert Face Brush. If you want to bed look, you can shade with bronzer or a darker powder along the hairline and on under the chin.

Don’t forget to emphasize your cheekbones by applying bronzer under the cheekbones. Use the Setting Brush to highlight these areas.

Diamond-shaped face shape

As you know, a diamond-shaped face has wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. To create a softer shape, you can shadow the middle of the hairline, over the temple and just below the cheekbones to highlight your features.

Shade even the finest part of your chin and finish with highlighting along the sides with Tapered Brush. This makes the chin feel wider.

Square face shape

A square face is quite wide between the jaw to the temple. Create an illusion of a rounder shape by applying a foundation (2-3 shades darker than your own skin tone) along the lower part of your jaw. Continue to shade up towards the temple. Use a Sculpting brush when shading this area.

Widen the look of the eyes and cheekbones by applying a lighter shade of concealer in a triangle between the eyes. End with a rouge that you place under the cheekbone.