Wednesday, May 22

A Guide to Getting Perfect Eyebrows

Many think it can be complicated to get good looking and even eyebrows in a smooth and relatively fast way. Just as with everything, practice makes perfect and the same goes for makeup. But using good and decent products is really a good start. Here we go through step by step how you can do to succeed with your eyebrows

Start by brushing through the brows so that the hairs fall into place. For this, use an eyebrow brush.

To paint the eyebrows, you should use an eyebrow pen. With the pen, you draw light and straight stretch from the inside out, at the bottom of the brow. Here it is important to draw loosely at the bottom so that it does not get too dark there. When you draw the line out, you can paint a little harder to get more color the longer you paint. Start by filling in with light stretching upwards in the brow. If you want to facilitate, you can draw a line at the top of the brow first if you want to be sure not to “paint outside”. Fill in as tight and thick as you want your eyebrows because it is now you decide the shape of the entire eyebrow. Here it is best to start with the outer part of the brow as it should be darker. When painting inward towards the nose it is more important that you are light on the hand and careful. If you paint too hard you will not get the so-called “fade effect” that you prefer if you want the brows to look more natural. If you paint too hard in the inner part, you can blur the color a bit using the same mascara brush you brushed the brows with on step 1. However, be careful not to smudge the color then, but gently pull and straight so that the brush takes up some color without smudging it all around the brow.

If you want, you can take concealer under, around or over your eyebrows. This is if you need to smooth the lines. You want to use a light concealer under the eyebrow as it is an area you want to highlight and highlight. To apply the concealer smoothly, use a good, small brush. As it is small and compact, it is good for this as you can access everywhere and can easily draw straight and even lines. You can also use a correction pen, which is a pen instead of a brush. You apply it under the brow or wherever it is needed.

Mix out the concealer until it is evenly applied over the entire lid. This is easily done with an eyeshadow brush. It is small and a little fluffy and just that it is not so compact and just perfect for blending out the concealer. After that, you then apply it with any compact powder in a light color. This is so that it stays in place all day and avoids running away with the oils that are easily formed on the eyelids. Use a good powder foundation and just dab a little light with your finger to attach the product. If you prefer a brush to it, it works as well.

Everyone has different eyebrow shapes but if you want as natural a result as possible you have to paint them within a kind of template. The inner edge should not extend further into the nose or out towards the temples than the inner eye of the eye does. So the eyebrow should start where the eye started. The tip/bend of the brow should be oblique over the outer edge of the pupil or the rectum. The eyebrow should end obliquely over the outer edge of the eye. Below is a sketch I made to help you.