Wednesday, December 7

How to do Eyebrow Makeup Guide

Eyebrows! There are many of us who who broke them down plucked them to make them small in the 90s according to the trend.

Eyebrows are more important to the look than you think. The eyebrows are the ones that frame the whole face. If you have no eyebrows it can easily look like the eyes are flying up in the ceiling. The eyes that are such a striking detail in our faces need to be highlighted with a pair of eyebrows.

So they are important, very important! In addition, it is the cheapest facelift you can do, to take care of our eyebrows.

It lifts an incredible amount to remove the hairs that grow far down the eyelids and actually shape the brows. If you can’t do it yourself, there are fantastic salons that can help one. Now you should get a little guide on how to get a pair of good looking eyebrows. Let’s start with the shape!

Here you have some guidelines on face shape and optimal eyebrows for each face shape. This is not a given rule,  just a small benchmark that can be helpful.

Sometime in the 90s, it was super trendy to have very narrow eyebrows. Now, people are shocked at this old trend as we have moved away from it.

How to do your eyebrow makeup

  1. Fill in the shape with an eyebrow pencil.
  2. Continue filling in the shape with the pen until the entire brow is filled.
  3. Then apply eyebrow shadow to fix the eyebrow firmly there. It is the shade itself that makes it sit better too. You want an eyebrow kit that contains everything you could possibly need for your eyebrows:  brown colors,  matte skin tone eyeshadow, Wax to correct eyebrows, black mini tweezers, mini brush, duo application,  and angled brush and foam rubber applicator.
  4. Wear concealer both above and below the eyebrow. This marks the eyebrow perfectly. In this way, it is also possible to smooth out irregularities in the brow.
  5. Done

You can also use a serum that will lengthen, thicken and stimulate the hair follicles in the eyebrows.