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8 Proven Techniques to Achieve Long-lasting Eyelash Extensions

As a lash artist, one of the keys to the success of your lash career is creating long-lasting eyelash extensions. When your clients leave satisfied with their long, lush lashes, they’re likely to come back, and good word-of-mouth can increase your client base significantly.


But how do you achieve those perfect long-lasting lash extensions consistently? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ve compiled tips and tricks that you can share with your clients so they can better care for their lashes and enjoy maximum lash retention.

8 Aftercare Tips to Make Lash Extensions Last Longer

Nothing can detract from stunning lash extensions quite like dirt and oil build-up. These things make your clients’ lashes appear dull and clumpy and stunt lash growth by causing them to shed prematurely. 

Proper care is essential to keep those lashes looking full. Regular cleansing, avoiding certain products, and getting refills as needed will help your clients get longer eyelashes


Here are proven techniques you can share with them, so their lash extensions stay in perfect condition for weeks! 


1. Avoid Getting the Lashes Wet 4 to 6 Hours After Lash Appointment

After the lash extension application, gently remind your clients to avoid getting their lashes wet for the first four to six hours after the appointment. This process is essential to achieve a long-lasting and beautiful set of lashes. 


As a lash artist, understand that it can be hard on your clients who are used to washing their faces at the end of the day. Waiting for four to six hours before getting their lashes wet will ensure that the lash adhesives are firmly attached to the lashes. 


2. Avoid Saunas and Facial Steam

Advise your clients to avoid using saunas or steam rooms after their lash appointment. The humidity in these environments can interfere with the curing process of the lash glue, which bonds the lashes together. 


Exposing lash extensions to even a few extra minutes of steam or heat will cause the eyelash adhesives to loosen. This results in decreased lash retention and premature lash loss over time. 


3. Use a Fiber Free Towel When Drying Face

As a lash stylist, remind your clients to take extra steps in their home care routine to help preserve the longevity of their lashes. One essential step is to use a fiber-free towel or sponge when drying the face after cleansing. 


Using a fiber-free towel ensures less friction with the lashes, which can potentially pull them off prematurely. Encouraging your clients to include this simple step will go a long way toward long-lasting eyelash extensions! 


4. Brush Lashes Daily

With so many routine steps that your clients have to know, aftercare can seem overwhelming. So, make the conversation light and assure them that taking care of their lash extensions doesn’t always have to be a hassle! 


A simple trick you can share with them that makes a big difference is gently brushing through their lashes with a clean mascara wand. After cleaning their lashes with a gentle cleanser, they should brush them gently to keep any eye makeup residue or oils from damaging the lash adhesive.


Additionally, it’s important to brush in the morning after a night’s sleep as lashes are most likely to become tangled, making them prone to premature lash shedding

5. Avoid Waterproof Mascara

Taking off waterproof mascara on natural eyelashes is already hard. What more when you remove it from eyelash extensions? An easy way to remove waterproof mascara is to use an oil-based cleanser. But how will that affect the lash glue on your lashes? It can break apart the extension bond and cause premature shedding. 


No one wants to say goodbye to longer-lasting lash extensions, right? Let your clients know that wearing mascara on their lash extensions is never a good idea. Lash extensions eliminate the need for wearing mascara in the first place. So affirm that their new lashes are already gorgeous enough.


6.  Use Oil-Free Makeup Products and Makeup Remover

Just as you love to enhance your eye color with eyeshadow, your clients also love playing with eye makeup to look their best. Make sure to support what they like but politely mention steering from alcohol and oil-based eye products. These products can cause their lash extensions to come off earlier than they should.


When removing makeup, they should use an oil-free makeup remover instead. If they are unsure if the products they use harm their lashes, ask them to consult with you first. 


7. Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back avoids rubbing the eyelashes against the pillow or bed, which can cause premature shedding of eyelashes. It’s essential to advise your clients that even though sleeping on their back can be helpful for their extensions, it might take some getting used to. 


While it can be hard to break old sleeping habits, motivate your clients by telling them that this new sleep position can also help reduce their lower back pain. 


8. Don’t Skip Refills

At first glance, it may seem like your clients have achieved a set-it-and-forget-it eyelash look. However, regular lash refills will ensure lashes always look flawless. Regular fill appointment allows you, as the lash stylist, to freshen up your clients’ current set and place new lash extensions for added longevity. 


Remind your clients to set fill appointments with you every two to three weeks to maintain their dream lash look over time. 


Final Thoughts

Proper lash extension aftercare ensures they last their full life cycle and look fresh. Aside from lash stylists performing lash extension applications, lash clients also share the responsibility of proper lash aftercare for longer-lasting lashes. But they can only do so with your guidance and direction.


Since health and safety are every lash artist’s top priority, feel free to educate your clients and be the safe lash technician they need. 



Elizabeth Avery, a licensed hairstylist, is the Content Strategist & Brand Ambassador of Beauty Boss Academy. She’s also a social media queen who’s a lifelong lover of all things beauty. On an average day, she drinks lattes, sings show tunes, and shops for things that are pink and sparkly.