Thursday, May 23

How to Get Longer Eyelashes

Do you want to get longer eyelashes? Continue reading for our top tips to getting longer lashes!

How to get longer eyelashes:

1. Nourish the Eyelashes

Use a gentle makeup remover, try not to rub your eyes (not when you wash the makeup and not in the morning either) and be careful when removing the mascara. Feel free to use a conditioner for the eyelashes to take extra care.

Mascara, lashes, makeup removal, water, lashes, etc. can be a little tiring for the lashes together.

2. Eyelash Serum

If you can easily get worn lashes or are very hard-handed with them, you can get pretty much longer lashes by just nursing them. But to make them actually grow, you can use an eyelash serum! Brush on the lash line (on the skin) every night and after 6-8 weeks you have significantly longer lashes.

3. The right choice of mascara

Feel free to buy a mascara that is gentle in the formula, if you have noisy lashes or strain them a lot, then it is really worth paying a little extra. Cheap mascaras can sometimes be a bit dehydrating for the eyelashes.

5. Magnetic lash fiber mascara

With this, you can easily vary how many fibers you want, and where on the fringes you want them, so smart!

The formula gives a really durable result, as the wax formulation makes the mascara sit longer but is at the same time easier to wash away than many other mascaras. It also becomes water-resistant and can withstand both rain and tears. The mascara nourishes and strengthens the lashes thanks to nourishing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.


Apply the fibers from the center of the fringes to the tops, or as you prefer (you can only put on the outer edges or only the tops if you want). Finish off with a layer of mascara and build up the desired length.

You can apply more layers if you want more effect. It is better to put a little at a time than lots of fiber directly.
As mentioned, you can vary how much fiber you want to use.

Bonus tips – How to make your eyelashes longer

1. Skip the wide eyeliner

A wide black eyeliner causes the black lashes to blend into the eyeliner, and you only see the tips of the eyelashes, giving the illusion that they are a little shorter than they are. However, a narrow eyeliner or just a lash liner (dark marking in the scalp of the lashes) is only good for highlighting the lashes, as they look a little fuller.

2. Bend the lashes from the root

Do you have straight lashes and bend them carelessly, eg. from the middle upwards, you only get the length of half the fringe. Make sure to bend as close to the root as possible so you get the whole lashes up.

3. Apply the mascara upwards

In most cases, I usually recommend brushing the lashes like a solar spring, the inner lashes inwards, the middle lashes straight upwards and the outer lashes outwards. Then they become separated and fine. But if you brush the outer lashes outwards, they can look a little shorter when you look straight ahead, so for as long lashes as possible, you can then try to brush all lashes as straight up as possible. Don’t forget to work only from the root with the mascara so that you get the lashes properly.

4. Light eyeshadows

Although you should not do eye shadow makeup, it is effective to brighten up the eyelid with a lustrous highlighter, the greater the contrast it will be to the black lashes with light/dark, the more they are emphasized. Extra important for people who have a slightly darker skin tone, then luster on the eyelid can do the trick.


Don’t be hard on the lashes, keep them moisturized with moisturizing Long lash gel overnight, use eyelash serum to grow them, skip wide eyeliner, brush the lashes straight up when applying mascara and use fibers in the tops for so much length as possible.