Tuesday, March 5

5 Tips For Thicker And Longer Eyelashes

5 Tips For Thicker And Longer Eyelashes

The use of hair conditioner, hair oil, hair wrapping, and scalp treatments is no wonder.

But when it comes to eyelashes it is unfortunately unusual with the same care as with our hair. This is despite the fact that we dry out the lashes every time we wash our face or showers.

Many wear the lashes daily by bending them, drying/irritating the hair follicles with various chemical-based makeup. All this is drying and tearing at the lashes, inhibiting the growth so it becomes sparse. They get brittle and you lose them easily

5 tips for thicker, longer, and healthier eyelashes

Change to organic makeup. Then you avoid chemicals that clog the skin, irritate the hair follicles and damage the lashes.

Stop washing your eyes with drying products (such as foam). Wash make-up with oils, cream or milk cleansers.

Provide moisture and care to the lashes. Lightly grease and moisturize them in the evening with an organic and vegetable oil. A small drop of oil is enough. Do not overdose. My favorite oil for this purpose is Camellia Kissi Oil from Anita Grant. Make sure to do some neat smears (from the inside out) on the lash line and under the eyes. Examples of other oils that work well for the lashes are argan oil and jojoba oil.

Nourish the lashes. It can be used evening and day (before applying makeup). In the long run. For best effect, at least 2 applications on the lash line a day.

A trick is also to skip the eyeliner or make it very thin. Then the eyelashes look longer.