Wednesday, July 24

Best 9 Mascaras + Mascara Tips

Find the right mascara for your lashes. In this post, we list the most popular and best mascaras that will leave a great result.

Mascara tips

• Give the mascara a few days, it will be at its best and give a more fair result after a few uses.
• Keep the mascara fresh longer by rotating the shaft as you pull the brush out of the sleeve – then less air will come in which can dry out your mascara.

Best mascaras

1. Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill

This is a best-selling mascara, and there is, of course, a reason for it.

This mascara gives you an incredible length and volume, the lashes hit the glasses if you happen to have them. The mascara feels dry and durable, which keeps the shape and volume throughout the day without crumbles.

2. Lancôme Hypnose drama

Mascara with great volume. Classic volume mascara that has the three qualities many are looking for; the night-black and slightly wet formula can be worked up in several layers for fantastic volume without lumps, plus the lashes are finely separated and bent.

3.Yves Rocher Volume Elixir Mascara

Long steamed fringes. The long narrow brush and the mascara formula are adapted to give as much length as possible – and the lashes become really bent, separated and long without clumping. The rubber brush is nice and easy to work with.

4. Clinique High Impact mascara

Mascara with a wow effect. You really get the wow effect with this classic mascara, which provides volume and length with intense black color. You can work multiple layers without the mascara clumping or flaking, but it will settle a bit if it rains.

5.MAC Bold & Bad Lash Mascara Black

Smart brushes. The mascara has two smart brushes, one large for the upper lashes and one mini for the lower, and the formula is different in the two different sleeves. The upper lashes have a nice volume and good separation. The lower ones get a more subtle coverage, this prevents spider legs.

6. Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara

Intense blackness. The brush and the formula on this mascara mean you get a lot of product after just one swipe – it is enough with two layers for a stiff result. Intense blackness that takes a few minutes to dry. Sits well during the day.

7. Lumene Nordic chic full-on volume mascara

This is a good budget option. This is a budget mascara that delivers volume and length. If you build several layers, the mascara tends to lump a little, but the result is still great. The fringes feel soft and natural during the day.

8. Max Factor Dark magic

Dramatic length. Max Factor’s new Dark magic does not disappoint. The wave-shaped brush above all gives a length of dramatic effect, but also volume. The glossy pigments give intense blackness, and also make the lashes look a bit wet. Plus for the rubber grip on the sleeve that is easy to hold.

9.Idun Minerals

Mascara that gives nice bending. Work with the brush up and down so that the top of the arch pushes up your lashes, for a nice bend. However, you have to work a few turns to get to the volume. The creamy formula is pitch black and a little wet, for those who like extra black.