Sunday, April 14

Top Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Do you often get dry and tight skin after washing or do you look too powdery? Then you will certainly have dry skin.

Having dry skin can be at least as strenuous as having oily skin, it takes a little extra care to keep the skin in check. Most often, the problem is that the skin does not get the moisture it needs and hence the skin becomes imperceptible.

What does dry skin mean?

By a dry skin is meant that the skin does not produce as much fat in the sebaceous glands as in normal skin. Most often they with dry skin become more wrinkled which makes it important to give the skin properly with moisture and use sunscreen every day.

You who have dry skin can usually find that the skin tightens after you wash it, that you often peel on the nose and other parts if you do not use skin cream and that you easily look goofy if you put on a powder-based makeup. Mostly, dry skin has small fine pores and feels very matte. It is extremely important that you use a moisturizer that is rich in moisture and you should also avoid products that contain alcohol as it dries out your skin.

3 things that can be good to know when to add makeup or buy new products:

1. Avoid too much powder

Powder products are for those who have oily or normal skin, you who are dry should primarily invest in cream products to the extent possible. Of course, you can’t do it completely without powder products, but when it comes to, for example, the Foundation, you should choose a liquid.

2. Moisture

Your skin is in dire need of moisture and therefore it is important to make sure you invest in good skin products to balance the skin. A serum is recommended before applying your skin cream.

3. Exfoliate

As the skin often becomes dry, it may be good to peel the skin 2-3 times a week. Make sure you use a facial exfoliator, always exfoliate on moistened, cleansed skin and gently massage in circular movements to remove dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.

How to do a good base makeup

1. Begin by cleaning the skin with a product for your skin type. Then it is important to moisturize the skin. A toner that gives the skin extra moisture and also a serum before applying the skin cream.

2. When it comes to primers, add a lighter variant that penetrates the skin rather than one that settles on the skin surface. If you want a bright skin, you can mix your primer with a luminous cream. You do not need to take lots but apply the primer where you need it. Either put a small amount in the center of your face or in the areas you usually get dry.

3. An oil-based foundation can do wonders for dry skin. Because the skin lacks overproduction of oil, you should avoid compact foundations and mineral makeup, it will become slightly cakey and dry. I recommend that you apply foundation with a slightly moisturized beauty blender, it will allow the moisture from the sponge to blend with your foundation and apply finer to the skin. If your foundation is very creamy, you can mix with a Skin Oil or a Serum. Invest in a foundation with Light to medium coverage and start with a small amount and then work up the coverage.

4. When it comes to concealer, I like a creamy lighter variant, preferably a light-reflective one. Apply to highlight the face in the middle of the forehead, under the eye, on the nose and chin, preferably with a moisturized beauty blender.

5. If you have dry skin, you can advantageously use crème products to contour if you want the maximum effect. Go over with very little powder contour to fix. In everyday life, however, I think it is enough with a few sunbeds to get a nice Contouring.

6. To fix the makeup, add a light layer of transparent powder. Take a large brush and pick up some product and go over the face with a light hand. You want to preserve the luster of your skin by not taking too much powder.

7. Highlighter is your best friend if you want a fresh glow. However, avoid putting too much highlighter on areas you easily get dry on and choose one with just a lot of shimmer that goes tone-to-tone with your complexion.

8. To avoid a powdery surface, use a setting spray and spray well over my face after applying your base makeup and then take the underside of your beauty blender and dab all over the face. You fix and reduce the powdery look and by pushing the beauty blender over the face, the powder blends nicely into the skin and fixes the transition between the products and presses down the facial hair which gives a smooth surface.

9. Make sure to use a setting spray over the makeup to keep the makeup on.

10. Have a moisturizing spray in the bag to avoid getting dry during the day.