Sunday, April 14

How Often do You Need to Replace Makeup?

Is there any “expiration date” on makeup brushes and when is it really time to buy new ones? Here we give you the answer.

It is a recommendation that make-up should be discarded according to the figure on the beauty products, but you feel the scent when it is time to throw make-up. You know when the product smells rancid, so smell and feel the scent you know. You should change your makeup more often than when it ends. Eyeshadows are often too long. If it is a pen then sharpen it often and the mascara brush you can clean with detergent and it will be fresher. Then the mascara also lasts longer and you avoid what falls under your eyes.

You should never lend your makeup because it can transfer bacteria to each other and there is a risk of eye inflammation. One tip is to do an inventory of your makeup twice a year to see what you are using and what you are not actually using.