Sunday, April 14

3 Great Tips to Get a Nice Glow

People often ask how to get a nice glow without it looking oily. Here are some tricks you can add to your makeup routine to make that little extra! Here we reveal our three best tips on using a liquid highlighter.

3 ways to use a liquid highlighter:


Place your highlighter as a primer before applying to your base. Then your makeup will last better throughout the day. This option gives a more discreet glow and helps your skin get extra hydration and glow.

Mix with your foundation

Mix in your foundation to get a nice glow. Apply a small amount of foundation and highlighter on a makeup brush and apply directly to the face.

As a last touch

Use as a last touch when you are done with your makeup. Apply on cheekbones, nose, under the eyebrows and a little on the upper lip.