Wednesday, May 22

How to Wash your Makeup Sponges

To wash makeup sponge! More and more people have chosen to apply their makeup with a makeup sponge instead of brushes.

Especially when it comes to base makeup such as foundations and concealers.

The only thing that can be negative about the makeup sponges is that they easily become dirty. The best recommendation is to clean your sponge after each use, but if you do not know how to do it quickly, it may feel difficult. But there are easy ways to clean your sponge fast and these tips will help you.

Wash make-up sponge step by step

  • Mix water and detergent in a glass or mug that can withstand heat.
  • Take the make-up sponge and rinse underwater to make it big and wet
  • Place the mushroom in water and the detergent mixture and set it in the micron for about 1 minute.
  • Be careful when removing the sponge from the microwave. Fish it out of the container with a spoon or similar so as not to burn you.
  • Get one more spoon and squeeze all the liquid from the sponge between the spoons, by pressing the spoons against each other
  • When you squeeze out most of the detergent mixture, you can rinse the sponge a little while under lukewarm water.
  • Allow drying, either by leaving it moist or pressing the sponge into a little paper towel if you are going to use it soon.