Sunday, April 14

How to Apply Makeup Glitter

4 Easy Steps to Apply Glitter in your makeup

If you buy loose glitter and think that it will be possible to use it with ordinary eye shadow primer then you will be disappointed. An eyeshadow primer is a cream where small, small pigments attach very well, but larger glitter grains will fall off as much as it sticks and eventually you have glitter all over your face.

Here comes a step by step description of how to apply makeup glitter.

Glitter Primer

An extra sticky primer that gets the glitter attached securely. Works great but I do not think it is perfectly optimal if you want eyeshadow under their glitter when you first add regular primer, then eye shadow, then glitter primer and then glitter – and then you have to be very careful to get a smooth result because you put a sticky cream on top of your eye makeup.

Setting mist/setting spray

You can also use a setting mist that attaches well. The glitter will stay better and longer.


There are also some tips that pop up in the social media stream every now and then that we recommend not using. E.g. attach glitter with hair spray, sure it works but the skin really does not feel good! You can also attach with some hair wax but it is also not tested to use so close to the eyes, it is such a sensitive place and not at all fun to get reactions! So be careful with all these tips.

There are also different liquids with multiple uses that can be used to attach glitter, blend with cake eyeliner, blend with eyeshadow, etc. and that type of product we prefer most when it comes to glitter! You just moisturize the brush, dip in the glitter and then you can dip on just a little or completely cover, the glitter sits like a slab from morning to evening and it is easy to apply on other eyeshadows without the risk of sabotaging the makeup. So whether you just want a few glitter grains over your eyeshadow, a full-on glitter bomb on your eyelids or a glitter eyeliner – this way it works great.

How to use glitter in your makeup

Dip the brush into the liquid. You want it moisturized but not completely wet but it must not be too dry because then the glitter does not attach to the brush then.

Choice of brush
Which brush is best depends entirely on what you want for results.

Full coverage – A flat and compact brush that can drip on a large amount of glitter at one time, then you can build up a comprehensive glitter layer.

Thin – Most often I use eyeshadows under the glitter that shine through and then you do not need a full-coverage glitter layer but it suffices with a slight neighbor, it is a nice effect if the eyeshadow under shines through. Then I use a softer brush but it still needs to be a little compact.


A regular eyeliner brush works brilliantly to make a comprehensive glitter eyeliner! Dip the brush into the glitter.

Tip! Do not dip the brush more than necessary, it is better to just have a little glitter on the top and dip more times than to have too much on the brush. If it falls under your eyes when you apply, it means that you have too much glitter on the brush. I never put loose powder or hold a napkin under my eye for protection, because nothing falls down when I apply anyway.

4. Then just apply! Use dab movements with the brush. The glitter attaches immediately, the liquid dries for a second and then it sits superbly throughout the day.

Above you see a thin layer where

Tip! You do not have to use a lot of glitter at all on your make-up, it is easy to happen that you use a large layer which is very nice but can also result in the make-up feel too glittery and in addition it is not as fast to get even and good looking it’s a whole cake with tinsel. Apply a little at a time and see what you think, just a few glitter grains on your eyeshadow is really nice and gives a lot of effect right away!

If you are going to do a complete glitter make-up with unpainted edges, you can use a flat and compact brush on the eyelid and then in the blotting, you use this technique where the grains end up sparser apart. Because you can’t erase the edges of the blur like with a normal eye shadow so this technique becomes a blur instead.

If you have a good product to attach glitter with then it is really the fastest and easiest way to enliven your makeup – both for everyday and for a party! It is also great to “clean up” a make-up if you are not completely satisfied, everything will look great with glitter on.