Sunday, April 14

DIY: Turn Your Jeans to a Skirt

Are you in need of skirts? Are you also tempted to do a little DIY?

You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we will share how a pair of pants with the help of scissors and some seams can become a skirt.

How to turn your jeans into a skirt

Start by cutting off your pants about at the knees (ie a little longer by how you want the length of the skirt). Then pop up the inner seam of the pants, that is the stitch that goes on the inside of the legs.

Bounce all the way up to where the seams meet in the pants branch. Then pop up the branch both on the front and back. On the back, crack about 10 cm. On the front, bounce until the fly starts (here you should make it easy for yourself and use the fly and waistband in existing condition).
Then it’s time to sew and sew. Here it can be a bit funny when you have to get it together with old seams and get it neat without it becoming folded and “thick”, but as always when sewing, the iron is your best friend. No matter how boring it is to iron and press, it is almost impossible (in my opinion) to sew without an iron at one side.

On the front and back of the skirt, you can sew wedges of the trouser legs. Here, it is enough to listen to what the fabric wants and how big the wedge will be, depending on how long it has been sprayed and so on. Our best tip here is to try, try and try. Another good tip when sewing is to needle when you put your clothes on because then you see how the garment follows one’s body.
Cut to the length of the skirt and then fold the skirt with a knit stitch.