Saturday, June 22

Top 6 Best Best Makeup Palettes You’ll Love

The makeup palette is not only affordable, smart and flexible, it is also a big hit this spring. ELLE’s beauty editors list their favorites!
Whether you are looking for eye shadow, lipstick, luster or smoothing effect, there is a lovely collection of palettes in all price ranges. We have botanized in some of the season’s news in all price ranges and found a few extra nice products to tip about.

Yves Saint Laurent Makeup palette

YSL makes a lot of great palettes. In particular, they have a limited edition, the “Laurent Dazzling Lights Makeup Palette“, which is our favorite.

Urban Decay Palette

Urban Decay was one of the first brands to launch stylish and useful eyeshadow palettes. Here is a version of their their classic and indispensable Naked Ultimate basics.

L’oreal Paris Infaillible total cover

L’Or√©al Paris stands for the season’s most affordable base palette. Infaillible total cover comes with everything you need to create a perfect base to stand on.

Smashbox shadow palette Metallic

Smashbox is launching a variety of wonderful palettes for the eyes this spring. The cover shot palette is available in a variety of colors, we especially love this shade palette in the Metallic tone.

Maybelline color drama lip contour palette

Color drama lip contour palette is Maybelline’s gorgeous and affordable lipstick palette with both primer and highlighter.

Glow kit ultimate glow

Everything you need for high-end shine can be found in Anastasia’s delightful highlighter product. It gives a golden shimmer to the skin, something you don’t want to be without in the spring! Glow kit ultimate glow.