Saturday, June 22

Top 6 Makeup Powders

There is a fine line between glow and shine. While we would like our skin to look bright and not look too flat and dull, we also don’t want it to look like we have had a close encounter with a bottle of rapeseed oil.

So what to do? This is where the powder comes into your life as a savior.

How to use powder

Like most makeup products, powders can be used in different ways. For example, a powder can have primer properties, which means it can be used under the makeup to create a smooth surface. But of course, the most common thing is to use it when you’re done with the base, in other words after foundation and concealer. This effectively locks the makeup in place while at the same time dampening the shine on the face for many hours.

To apply powder, a larger makeup brush is advantageously used. There are special powder brushes to buy – do it! One will always benefit from this and a good brush will last for many long years.

Using the brush, you sweep the powder over your face and make sure that not too much product is collected in one place. It can be good to think that it is nice to snow a little around the face while putting a powder. This applies to both solid and loose powders. It may, therefore, be wise to protect especially dark shirts with a towel, or at least brush off any powder from the top before tackling the rest of the day.

1.The Balm Sexy Mama Anti-shine translucent powder

This is a transparent powder used to counteract shine on the face. Sexy Mama is almost invisible after application and absorbs the oil quickly and smoothly, leaving the skin soft and matte.

If you are afraid that powder will leave a cakey look on your face, you can feel safe with The Balm Sexy Mama. The product leaves no major traces of powder behind, but instead, it feels like using a so-called blotting paper, which completely sonically absorbs all the excess oil in the skin. It not only mats down but also fixes the makeup. The result is silky and almost unbelievable naturally

The Balm Sexy Mama does not include an applicator, but when the best results are achieved with a few swipes of a powder brush it does not matter. The powder works just fine all year round. But when it is at its hottest and stickiest, it really comes into its own. It quickly and effectively removes glitter and shine from the face. Not even during a sweaty day outside will you have to worry about your face shining.

2. By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

This award-winning, colorless powder of micronized hyaluronic acid and silicon microbeads not only slows down but also has a blurring effect on pores and wrinkles.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder is an incredibly good powder where you really get very far with very little. Of course, it works wonderfully well as a setting powder on top of the makeup and helps to both blur and mat. But even on its own, without any foundation or other make-up, the skin will have a luster and look silk-like with this powder.
The downside, of course, is the price. It takes to invest over SEK 400 in a powder that you may not have tested before. This product is a bit expensive but definitely worth the money.

On the skin it may in some cases be felt that the product causes the skin to tighten slightly, which detracts from the otherwise good overall impression. If you have very dry skin, these dry parts are emphasized a little more than is desirable. But in addition to these two drawbacks,

3. Lumene Nordic Chic Sheer Finish Loose Powder Translucent

The Finnish brand Lumene’s Nordic Chic Sheer Finish Loose Powder Translucent is a lovely soft and translucent powder that fixes the makeup and controls the shine all day long. The powder absorbs sebum, which is why the skin gets a matte finish that lasts for many hours.

Like many other powders, this also has a slight blurring effect, which is great when you wear a little powder on top of make-up or simply run powder without anything underneath. This is a very finely ground product, which means that it is laid out neatly and neatly on the skin, whether you have dry or oily or a combined complexion. Dry skin can be a problem when using powder, as powders tend to accentuate dry areas rather than hide them. However, this is not a problem with the Lumene Nordic Chic Sheer Finish Loose Powder Translucent – the powder maintains a consistent and stable level regardless of skin type. It makes it useful all year round, whether the skin is summer sweaty or winter dry.

4. MAC Cosmetics Blot Powder

The makeup is in place, it looks good in the mirror. You take a selfie to double-check and are almost dazzled by the glitter in the boiler as the photo reveals. What to do? Let MAC Blot Powder come to the rescue.

Blot Powder from MAC is a powder that could not be smoother to use. It is a big favorite of many makeup artists precisely because it eliminates glare in one go. The main purpose of this pressed powder is to control gloss without adding color. It also fixes the foundation and creates a smooth and even finish while maximizing the durability of the makeup.

Should you need a quick refresh during the day, a quick application of Blot Powder is enough for the makeup to get new and long life. With this powder-like finish, the makeup stays in place without a problem for a whole working day. No glitter, no mess, no cakey look. Just matte, lean and neat, just as you want the result to be with a powder.

Although Blot Powder is a product that does not add any color, the product is still available in several different shades. This means that regardless of skin tone it is possible to get a really natural result. Of course, this gives extra plus on the edge.
Take a selfie again and double-check – now it’s just you who shines, not the pan.

5. IsaDora Ultra Cover Compact Powder

There are many budget-friendly powders that hold high standards and produce brilliant results. IsaDora Ultra Cover Compact Powder is one of them.

In a practical box with a mirror in the lid, this pressed powder will effectively cut down the time you spend on the morning fix. Using the included washable sponge, this powder is applied in an almost ridiculously simple manner and the result is immediately apparent. IsaDora Ultra Cover Compact Powder effectively suppresses redness and superficial blood vessels, in many cases so well that they are completely hidden.

This powder is perhaps primarily a product to use instead of a foundation, so covering can be left out. Of course, it works well as a setting powder too, if you are a little more careful with the application and choose a brush instead of the supplied sponge.

6. NYX Professional Makeup No Filter Finishing Powder

Budget price range powder which is well suited for mild weather

This is simply a product that works best in milder temperatures. If you decide to buy, you can happily use it for about nine of the twelve months of the year. But then it is time to let No Filter Finishing Powder take a summer break and instead invest in a product that stands against stagnant outdoor temperatures.