Wednesday, May 22

Make Up Eyebrows Step By Step – A Complete Guide

Best tips on how to make up the perfect eyes.

Fuller, groomed eyebrows have become one of the most coveted looks of makeup lovers. Beautiful eyebrows can really help frame the face. But your eyebrow makeup can either help or ruin your beauty look, so it’s crucial that you get them right!

The best advice is to stay away from tweezers. Just let someone who knows what they are doing get close to your eyebrows.

With the latest trend of thicker eyebrows, many people make the mistake of overdoing or exaggerating it with the eyebrow pencil. This results in eyebrows that look unnatural and that dominate and take focus from the rest of the face. So make sure you stick to your natural shape and remember, less is more with eyebrow makeup!

Filling in the eyebrows is one of those beauty steps where a little effort goes a long way, but it’s easy to create a mess if you do not know what you are doing. But to help you put on perfect eyebrows, we help you by telling you exactly how to do it.

Have clean eyebrows

Clean eyebrows give you the best results. To ensure that your eyebrows look as natural as possible, we recommend that you choose an eyebrow color that matches your natural roots. When in doubt, use a color with gray undertones – you want to make sure you do not get too red. When brushing your eyebrows, be sure to brush upwards.

Fill in the gaps carefully

You want your filler to look like natural hairs – not just a block of brown powder. Start by using short, light strokes that mimic the length of your eyebrow hair. Starting under your natural arch, thicken the forehead slightly. To ensure a natural look, do not add color all the way to the forehead – it can look too dramatic and unnatural.

Add the tail

For a more dramatic look, lengthen the tail of the eyebrows a little extra.

Run through a brush again

After filling in the eyebrows, make things look nice and natural by using the brush again to brush the eyebrows up and out, towards “10” and “2”, if you think your face is a clock.

Now apply the rest of your makeup to your taste – groomed eyebrows complement each look.

Extra tips for nicer make-up eyebrows

Before you start filling in your eyebrows, decide on the placement of the arch that is normally just above the edge of my eye.

Put a brush from the corner of the nose to your eye. This is more or less where you should start. If your arch is just above your eye, it will help lengthen your face. ”

Be careful not to leave any of the strands of hair lying strangely. This is because only a frizzy strand of hair can make your forehead look “snowy”.

Brush your eyebrows forward and then back

When using the brush tip on an eyebrow gel, brush the eyebrows forward toward the nose and then backward so that they are in place again. This gives you more color and coverage but retains a natural effect.

This movement allows the gel to cover all hairs. When placing your hair back, evaluate whether you want the thickness of your eyebrows to be more defined at the ends, so that you get a polished look.

If you are happy with how they look with just an eyebrow gel, you can stop here. The rest of these steps are if you want to get thicker, fuller eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

Fill in your eyebrows at the ends and work your way forward

If you use a pencil to make up your eyebrows, start filling in the middle / end because this is where you want more color and shape.

Then use the product you have left, brush it in and concentrate on filling and moving forward at the same time.

If you do not have a lot of eyebrows to work with, it is about creating small brushes to give the illusion of a complete eyebrow.

The mistake that people make is to keep the mirror so close to their forehead that it is the only thing they are looking at.

Going back and seeing what the eyebrows look like on your face will help you decide how much more or less filling you want to do. After all, it’s about the overall look.

Spray with a hair spray

If you want to make sure that your eyebrows last all day, add a little hair spray, either on the brush or your fingertips. Then brush lightly or apply hair spray to your fingertips, a trick that helps keep hairs in place.

Just a little is good, because you do not want them to look firm and sticky in the face.

Add definition

To complete your well-shaped arches, use your eyebrow pencil to draw hair-like lines all over your eyebrows. When you’re done, use the end of your eyebrow pencil to blend everything for a seamless, natural look.