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How to Apply Liquid Eyeshadow – Complete Guide

While many beauty lovers like to add eyeshadow palettes to their collection of makeup, there is a new cosmetic tool that has become a hot trend in recent years which is liquid eyeshadow. But do you know how to use liquid eye shadow and how you should rethink it?

Like foundation and blush, eye shadows are available in powder, mousse and liquid form. Of these, liquid eye shadow has become a popular choice for many. But what is liquid eye shadow? How do you use it? And what are the pros and cons of using liquid eye shadow?

If you have never tried a liquid eye shadow, summer is the perfect time to do so. These creamy formulas are easy to apply.

These are the best choices if you want your look to last through day and night, and these creamy formulas will not get stuck in and highlight fine lines and creases. Liquid eye shadows are so much faster to apply than powder formulas as well. Instead of using a powder eyeshadow that falls on your cheeks and in your under-eye concealer, these will not move from their place.

Some of these formulas are applied with brush applicators that glide on like lip gloss and others can be easily released with the fingertip. These are not only long-lasting and week-free even for the hottest summer days, but the colors are wonderful. They are available in different colors for day or night looks.

What is liquid eye shadow?

It is the eye shadow that is available as a liquid (but light) formula. Depending on the liquid eye shadow product you use, you can achieve an intense pigment, a shimmer or a pure shade on your eyelids.

Liquid eye shadow usually has a smooth and velvety structure. You can find cream types with different surface treatments, such as a matte cream for a natural look or a shimmering cream for a glamorous look. Cream types are also versatile and provide buildable coverage. Creams are long lasting and they are perfect for those who have dry and sensitive skin. They are also good for you who have fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Powder eyeshadow is the best choice of eyeshadow for many people. You can find different powder eye shadows in different shades and surfaces. They are easy and quick to apply and mix, as part of any makeup look. Powder is good for you who have oily or combination skin and do not have fine lines and wrinkles.

Liquid eye shadow is smooth, silky smooth and heavily pigmented. They are available in liquid form and are a good alternative to mousse and powder. It is similar in structure to tinted eye shadows and it is available in matte, clean, shimmery and metallic formulas, plus it is a great tool to make your eyes stand out. Liquid eye shadow is a good choice for you who have dry or normal skin, but those who have oily or combination skin can choose a matte formula.

Advantages and disadvantages of liquid eye shadow

When trying something new, it is good to look at the pros and cons of a product to see if it suits you.

Advantages of using liquid eye shadow:
It is long lasting, so you can apply in the morning and it will sit all day.
Liquid eye shadow does not flake off or smear on the face like powder eye shadows do.
Like mousse types, liquid eyeshadow allows for buildable coverage, allowing you to create a variety of looks and looks. Both for a discreet make-up but also a more bold and glamorous party look.
Many liquid products are compact, so you can put them in your make-up bag for when you are on the go.
Disadvantages of liquid eye shadow
Because liquid is in liquid form, it can “spill” if you do not apply it carefully, so you need a steady hand.
It may not be the most perfect choice if you have oily or combination skin if you do not use a liquid eye shadow that leaves a matte surface.
Using it requires time and patience because you have to wait for it to dry on the skin.
Using it also requires perfect application as mistakes are more difficult to clean and correct (unlike powder types, which you can cover with concealer).
How to apply liquid eye shadow

Here is a simple guide on how to use this makeup properly:


Start by applying a thin layer of eye primer to your eyelids. Just like a face primer, this product acts as a base for your liquid eye shadow and will keep it in place.

Choose your liquid eye shadow

Take your chosen liquid product and apply a thin layer. This is an important step as it can get messy and messy to use too much at once. Apply until you get the desired result.

It is better to build up the coverage to the desired effect, so apply layer after layer until you get the right look. Make sure you let the liquid dry each time you apply a layer.

Let it dry

Each time you apply a layer, you should let it melt in to get an even coverage over the eyelids. Some liquid products have a built-in application stick, but you can also use a soft eye shadow brush. Avoid applying liquid eye shadow with your fingers.