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How to Accentuate your Eye Color to Make Your Eyes Glow!

Here’s how to accentuate your eye color to make your eyes glow!

Did you know that the right colors for your eye color accentuate them? You can really get your eyes to glow.

In this guide, we show you how to do it, how to find out what color you should use. And it’s super easy to find out!

Contrasting colors are a “pair” of two colors that are opposite to each other. When you place these colors next to each other, they are highlighted and look stronger. This is often used by makeup artists, stylists, decorators, and more.

If you want to emphasize your eye color then there are tricks you can use. To know which color is the opposite of another, you can use these color wheel below. The color opposite is the color that will accentuate the other.

First of all, you have to choose which color you want to emphasize. Is it eg a yellow dress it is neat to match it with a purple bag. If you have a green dress it is nice with red lips. You should, therefore, use the contrasting colors next to each other to make them even more visible. These colors obviously fit well with each other. Something that is really neat is matching blue clothes with gold jewelry!

If you have red hair it is very nice to use green clothes. But if you have red skin/red pimples then you should avoid green as it can accentuate it.

How to highlight blue eyes

When it comes to blue eyes, avoid blue eye shadow. A blue eye shadow will cause your eyes to lose color as the shadow will take over. (However, you can use a blue coat on the waterline / blue mascara, they will make your eyes look bluer). Instead, you should invest in golden colors such as orange, orange-brown, copper, gold and in some cases faint pink colors can accentuate the light blue.

If you have really cold skin then you should be careful about using warm (orange) colors. Brown eye shadow also makes your eye color stand out a little extra (like I said an orange-brown).

How to emphasize green eyes

Green eyes get extra nice in a purple eye shadow. This is because green eyes usually have yellow in themselves (purple and yellow accentuate each other). But green eyes are also nice with red! Maybe not quite what you want to use as an eye shadow, but red lips are easier to carry!

How to emphasize brown eyes?

Some people believe that it is not possible to accentuate brown eyes, but that is not true! Brown eyes are the ones that are most emphasized with the help of contrasting colors that lean towards red or purple.

Both the colorful and the muted colors do well if you do not want to feel extreme.

Brown eyes always have elements of different colors that must be taken into account.

Yellow-brown eyes: (yellow-brown color or yellow closest to pupil): Fits really good in purple! That’s because the yellows in the brown color are highlighted by the purple.

Orange-brown eyes: Is a common brown eye color, brown eyes are actually often experienced orange in color, something you do not think about. Therefore, it is really neat to use blue eye shadow for these orange eyes.

Red-brown eyes: If your brown eyes look a little red, it’s nice to have a green eye shadow, green eye shadow, however, I think is good for all brown eyes.

How to highlight dark/black eyes

When you have such dark eyes that they almost look black, you use bright colors such as pale yellow, white, beige, etc. Black is not a color, and if there is no hint of color in the eyes, you cannot emphasize them more than using light colors to make them more visible.

What is the difference between a metallic, glittery and shimmery eyeshadow?

  • A metallic eyeshadow looks almost a little wet on the lid and is glossy.
  • A glittery eye shadow is usually a regular eye shadow with small glitter grains in it.
  • A shimmery eye shadow is neither glittery nor metallic, it shines a bit.

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