Sunday, April 14

How to Remove Glitter From your Clothes

If you manage to get some glitter on your clothes, it can be quite tricky to remove it. After all, these glittery things are supposed to stick to a surface to give it some shine. But glitter belongs to Christmas decorations, crafts and art projects and other fine objects, not your clothes. Unless you make your own DIY glitter clothes.
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How to remove glitter from your clothes

If you need to remove clothing glitter, here are some things you can try. Have some patience and don’t give up until you get it all out. It does take some time but you can do it.
Find the glitter you want to remove. Look at the garment and try to see where you happen to get glitter. A little glitter can easily be removed, especially if it is not much, and if it is concentrated in one area.
Lay the fabric on a flat surface. Remove clothing you need to work on.
Place it on a clean flat surface. This will help you see the area that you need to remove the glitter off and so you can also take note of the extent of the glitter on your clothes.
Get some tape. An easy way to remove the glitter is to get a piece of tape. You can try using a wide masking tape or packing tape. However, do not use electrical or silver tape as these can damage the garment by leaving behind a sticky adhesive. Cut a wide strip of tape and gently press it down on the area that has glitter you want to remove. Gently apply pressure to the tape so that the glitter sticks to the tape. When removing the tape, glitter should be transferred to the tape and should no longer be on the fabric.

Get a lint roller

If you have a lint roller, getting glitter off can be a much easier process. Just roll it over the fabric and the glitter should come right off.

Use hair spray

Hairspray is not only great for keeping your style, but it can also be used to help remove the glitter off your clothes. Spray the area where you will find glitter. Allow the product to dry. As it hardens, glitter will bind to hairspray.

Shake off the glitter

If it’s just a piece of glitter that isn’t stuck, give the garment a good shake. This should easily remove most of the glitter. But if it is a lot of glitter, be careful shaking the garment or you will end up spreading glitter over the garment.
Wash the item. Once you manually remove the glitter, you can now wash the garment.

It is a good idea to hand wash the piece or keep it separate from the rest of the clothes. Otherwise, glitter may end up being transferred to the other clothes in the laundry. Before throwing the item in the dryer, first check if all the glitter has been removed.

Try one of these methods to remove the glitter from your clothes. Just be patient and you can get it done.