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Common Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Makeup is an effective way to enhance your look and look more fresh and youthful. But makeup will only look good when you apply it properly, and use the right type of makeup.

One risk with using the wrong makeup or applying it the wrong way is that you look older. The risk is that wrinkles are highlighted and you look older.

To help you avoid looking older when you put on make-up, we have collected the main make-up mistakes that make you look older.


A hard, excessive forehead is a big and common makeup mistake. Be careful not to apply too much makeup to make sure your eyebrows look natural.

Too much foundation

When hormone levels decrease and your skin becomes drier, you may need a cream foundation. Thicker, creamier formulas are usually made to provide more coverage, which means they are filled with more pigment. And pigments are basically powders. If you like a creamy forula cover, you can try them with a richer moisturizer.

Makeup that is too pale

The skin becomes paler with age, so if you wear a matching foundatuion it can make you look sticky .. You can also just mix an exact matching shade with the next darker shade on the back of the hand and then apply with a base brush.


To prevent the concealer from paying attention to wrinkles, apply it only on the inner halves of your lower eyes to cover all the darkness. Or just skip the concealer, and use a brush on the marker pen


Forget about stroking blush from mouth to ear; That technology only emphasizes joy as you get older. An immediate trick to lift the cheeks: Swirl blush to give more life to your skin and look. A common mistake is to stop this step when you get older.

Highligher all over the face

Avoid a cartoon look and only brush your marker on specific, facial areas. Carrying the cursor in the wrong place can give you the opposite of a luminous effect. Use that light naturally touching your face, such as the forehead, bridge of the nose and along the cheekbones.

Excessive make-up of the eyes

Oily lids can have a negative effect on the eye shadow, but too much makeup will only make your eyes look heavy. Your best bet is therefore to first apply a thin layer of a clear foundation.

Eye shadow

Brown has yellow or red pigments in it, whereby either can actually make the eyes look tired. Also be careful with “safe” shadows as they are often too light to cover the discoloration of the eyelids.

Uneven foundation

Avoid putting makeup on the outer corners of the eyes. This can cause the skin to wrinkle and your line will not be as smooth.

Instead, focus on the chin and look down, so your lids are half closed but you can still see them and use a liquid foundation.

Heavy eyelashes

Eyelashes can make the eyes look more youthful and wake up. But a common mistake is to skip the eyelash curler. Use it to curl each eyelash at the root, hold for 15 seconds.

You wear the same old lip colors

This is the easiest way to update your look. If you have always worn the same color on your lipstick, try red. If you have always used red, try a pink color. Play with the color, but go easy on the structure.

Lipstick that bleeds

Extra lipstick moves, especially when the definition of the lip border softens with age. So instead of applying paint directly from the tube, apply with a lipstick brush. Dab on the center of your lips and then spread them out to the corners.

When it comes to makeup, we all want to look our best and enhance our natural beauty. However, some common mistakes can actually make us appear older than we really are. These beauty blunders can add years to our appearance, from heavy foundation application to overplucking eyebrows. But don’t worry, there’s a simple solution to avoid falling into these traps.

Proper lighting can make a world of difference in how our makeup looks and how it enhances our features.

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