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Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Eye Shadows When Buying Online

Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Eye Shadows When Buying Online

Eyeshadow is available in a variety of designs, shimmering, matte, solid, loose powder, liquid, etc., there is a jungle of colors and models to choose from. To find the right one, you can have the help of thinking about what you want to emphasize and your natural skin color as well as your eye color. There are many reputable stores online that sell cosmetics and it is easy to find a large assortment and compare prices.

Eyeshadow can be painted both above and below the eyes and create a variety of effects. For example, with light and dark colors, you can create contrasts, lift and shade the eyes. In general, light eye shadows lift and enlarge while darker colors shade and create character. You should also think about what best highlights your eye color. Contrasting colors are often the best highlights of your eye color, blue eyes are highlighted by red, yellow, rust and other warm colors while brown is highlighted by cool colors, such as blue and green.

It is good to acquire a few different colors and feel free to combine several eye shadows for the best effect. Apply a lighter color over the entire eyelid and then a darker one towards the outer globe, for character and shadow. There are lots of good makeup guides online where you can get tips on how to experiment with colors and shadows.

Eye shadows are available in a variety of designs, solid, such as powder, etc. A solid eye shadow is the most common type and is most easily applied with a foam-like applicator. A loose shadow can be applied both with an ordinary applicator or with a brush, and is easy to vary in spread, intensity etc. There are also liquid eye shadows, which should primarily have better durability than solid / powder.

5 things to keep in mind

  • Think about what result you want to achieve when choosing the color of eye shadow. Bright colors lift and darker colors create shadows and character.
  • There are many good makeup guides online, it can be good to check them out to get an overview of what exactly you want to achieve with your makeup.
  • Feel free to combine eye shadows of several colors, for a more uniform and complete result.
  • Eyeshadow does best with mascara as a complement, also this for an overall result.
  • Priming with a liquid eye shadow gives long-lasting durability and a smooth base surface.