Wednesday, May 22

How To Use Glitter Eyeshadow – A Complete Guide

Glittery makeup can finally come back, but it’s one of the hardest trends out there. Make a wrong move and you may look completely wrong, but done correctly and your eyes will look modern, flattering and very festive.

Glitter makeup is not for everyone. But for those of you who are not afraid to pack lots of sparkles in your makeup routine – whether it is daily or occasionally – you will want to check out these glitter eyeshadow tips for success.

1. All-Around Neutral

Add subtle sparkles to your eyes and your lower lash line with a shadow that is close to your skin tone, but with a touch of glitter. Stick to a simple foundation and long, separated lashes for a nice glittery look.

2. Unique colors

If you are tired of the same old smokey eye, try it in an unexpected color, such as purple. Apply on the lids, wrap it outwards and add a touch to your lower lash line. Just make sure to define your lashes with a one lash curler and two coats of black mascara – you do not want them to be overwhelmed by this bold shade.

3. Cat’s eye

A cat’s eye will never go out of style, but changing the shade can make it look completely different. Try to make up your upper lids with a shimmering jade color and tilt out the ends. You can even add a glittery red lipstick if you feel extra oily.

Start from the center of your upper eye line and draw a nice, thick line that points up to the end of your forehead. Apply color to the eyelid for a soft, sooty effect. Then apply from the inside to the corners of the eyes along the lower lash line and gently blend again to achieve a smoky eye.

Glossy and glittery

Mixing different structures is a trendy yet super easy way to change your makeup routine. For a bold look, add eye gloss to your upper lids and then gently apply a base-colored glitter under the eyes. Stick to focusing on your eyes for this look; radiant skin, combed eyebrows and a touch of lip balm are all you need on the rest of your face.

5. Smoky gold

If you are the type who loves to experiment with bold and daring looks, give yourself a golden and black smoky eye. Add a little glitter to the inner corners of the eyes so that they stand out even more.

6. Glitter eyes

If you love to wear dark shades on your lips, a little glitter around your eyes is all you need for this romantic look.

7. French line

For a trick that will give a completely magical look, apply a matte color to your upper lash line and wing it out slightly. Then apply a touch of shimmery golden eyeliner on your bottom lashes. Keep the rest of your face neutral so that your eyes can be in focus.

8. For green eyes

Do you have green eyes? Make a smoky purple bronze shadow on your lids and mix it up so that they really stand out. Add a touch under your forehead arches to open the eye area even more.

9. Olive Mica

Blue, brown and hazel eyes look especially fantastic with a sweep of metallic olive shade around them. Stick to one shade and keep your lips neutral – this glittery shade is powerful enough to carry the whole look.

10. Touch of silver

Add instant glamor to any look by applying a touch of silver to your lids and along your inner corners.

11. Shimmering smoke

A sparkling smoky eye is one of the most effective ways to spice up any evening and party look. Apply a shimmery bronze touch to your eyelids and sparkling eyeliner along the upper and lower lashes to really get some drama.

12. Bronze Glitter eye shadow

Bronze, coppery, shimmery eye shadows are really nice.

To get the look, frame your upper and lower lash lines with the radiant, rusty shadow and add a dramatic wing to the outer corner of the eye. Then use your finger to gently blend the color outward, stretching it beyond the crease and toward the temples. Finish with two coats of mascara.

Let your glitter eye shine by combining the look with an inked nude lipstick. One with a caramel tone will complement the bronze on your lids.

13. Geometric glitter eye shadow

Graphic eyes are very popular right now. Use a brush to draw geometric shapes.

The trick here is to experiment, add triangular and diamond accents in the outer corner of the eye, forehead bone or just below the lower lash line. Combine with a little subtle highlighting.

If you want to increase the sun-kissed glow, add a little on top of the forehead and bridge of the nose and then press the liquid highlighter over high points on the face.

14. Pink glitter eye shadow

Obsessed with pink / blushing tones? Experiment with a pale pink glitter eyeshadow. Apply in a cloud-like form, sweep the liquid pigment from the eye line to the brow bone and then add a little extra in the inner corners of the eyes and the lower waterline.

How to remove Glitter Makeup

Now that you have learned to apply mascera and use glitter makeup maybe you then wonder how in the world do you remove it at the end of the day? Glitter has a way of sticking to your skin forever, and even transferring itself to your loved ones, but getting rid of glitter can be difficult. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Be gentle

When it comes to removing glitter makeup around the eyes, you do not want to push in your lashes or cause irritation to your skin. Then dampen a cotton swab with an eyeball remover, then place it directly on top of the lid for a second or two. Start rubbing in circular motions, being careful not to press too hard. Repeat until the glitter is gone or almost gone.

2. Follow with detergent

Avoid using scrubs, which can cause the glitter to scratch the skin and instead use a clear or creamy cleanser to wash the rest of the face. Apply on a warm washcloth and rub over the skin in circular motions. Pat the skin dry and then take moisturizer.