What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is something that has become very popular in recent years and you can easily understand why. This makeup is made solely of minerals, which are good for your skin.

It also suits people with sensitive skin extra well, as it contains no chemicals that irritate. Then it is common for people with acne and other skin irritations to get better skin using this type of makeup. Moreover, the products are usually so clean that you can actually sleep with them!

The most common minerals used in mineral makeup are titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, boron nitride, bismuth oxide chloride, and various iron oxides. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide work well as sunscreen, but it is always good to supplement with another sunscreen over to get proper protection.

Benefits of mineral makeup

There are many benefits of mineral makeup, for example:

  • Does not clog pores again
  • Lets the skin breathe
  • Contains no harmful substances
  • Low risk of allergies
  • Feels very natural on the skin
  • The skin gets a nice glow
  • Lasts all-day

Mineral makeup tips

There are a lot of brands out there that offer mineral makeup. Below you can find some popular mineral makeups.

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