Top Makeup Tips for Amazing Glow

If you are craving fast glow in your skin and look, then there are lots of natural makeup products that can help you. The catch is that there are a ton of makeup products out there which means it can be tricky to find the best ones.

A common ingredient in glow products is mica, which is a soil mineral that shines. This mica can be micronized (ground down) to very small particles, but they can also be slightly larger so that they are perceived more as glitter by the eye. In organic and natural make-up brands you will find no plastic glitter, but it is the natural mineral mica that is responsible for the glow.

When the mica is completely micronized and not visible to the naked eye, you only get luster and not sparkle, which some people prefer, but others don’t.

Mica makes the light reflected in your face, and you immediately look a little more attractive and you have the opportunity to hide dark rings, lines, and greyish skin.


A cream (most often) that you use under your foundation to partly make it sit better, but there are also primers that contain luster!


Available in liquid form but also loose, compact, etc. And if you want fast shine, choose a foundation that has built-in shimmer, or you mix yourself in, for example, a shimmer cream, or glow cream.


Classically it has been used to brighten up mainly just below the eyebrow, but now many also put highlighter on the cheekbone’s highest points, upper amorphous arch, nose back, etc.  Available in cream, liquid form, pen, loose powder form, and compact powder form and in different shades (silver, copper, champagne, gold, bronze, rosé etc.) and with different sizes of the glitter particles. Different highlighters also have different amounts of pigments, while others are semi-translucent and give just a slightly moistened look.

Highlighters can also be mixed with their foundation if you want to be a little careful with the glow.

Finishing powder

After applying foundation, which may be matte, you still want some light shine, but not as much or concentrated as a highlighter, yes, but then you can with a large brush on a little finishing powder. Brush amazingly a little, just at the highest point on the cheeks, a little in the forehead and on the back of my nose. Easy to fix glow!

Bronzer, contouring, strobing, color correct

In all these product categories you will find products that give more or less glow. This is the final touch to your makeup.

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