Glamorous Party Makeup Tips

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Are you going to a party?
Then you have a perfect opportunity to experiment with your makeup, for a maximum look. Are you looking for something more natural, we have also collected tips for you – with a festive twist. Scroll down for 15 party make-ups that elevate your look to new heights.
There is plenty of good makeup – whether you want to focus on eyes, lips or maybe cheekbones or skin. In this post, we share our best tips.

1: Glitter!

Sparkling eyes is a classic that can’t go wrong. Bold colors like red or grain blue are extra fun to test during the party night. Tip – apply eye primer under the shade and it sits all evening.
Highlight your lips with a classic red, dark burgundy or deep brown lipstick. Mark with a lipstick and top with highlighter on the amorphous arch for maximum result. Add a touch of glitter. Do you dare to match your eyes with glitter shade in the same tone?

Colorful eyes

Life is too short not to wear color! Parties are a perfect opportunity to experiment if you don’t usually do it every day, either by focusing on a poppy color or by working with different colors in the same color scale. Blue eyes fit in warm colors like orange and copper, but also in colder colors like light pink and purple. Brown eyes are accented by silver and blue, but also fit with warm brown tones. Green eyes do best with purple, red and brown shades.
We like to focus on the eyes, lips, and skin – but how often do we let the cheekbones stand in the center? Rogue is an underrated tool that can create really dramatic looks. Let it blend in with the eye shadow or opt for a look where highlighter and rouge are in focus.

Pink powder

Makeup does not have to mean a maximum look. If you feel better in less makeup or are looking for a natural look, this look is perfect for you. Focus on the skin with the help of foundation, highlighter and powder, and then add a splash of glitter – preferably on the cheekbones, around the eyes or down to the decolletage if creativity allows.

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