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The Effects of Social Media On The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has long been significant and fiercely competitive. But brands are vying for consumers’ attention now more than ever. Social networking has had many beneficial effects, particularly on the beauty sector. Consumers can now be attracted to brands anywhere, and doing business with them is simple. Anyone who enjoys embracing the newest skincare or makeup trends will adore this. However, our opinion of beauty might occasionally be impacted by our regular exposure to beauty advertisements.

So, what is social media’s impact on the beauty industry? Keep reading to explore the actual implications.


How is the beauty industry being (re)shaped by social media?

Social media’s advent has altered how businesses interact with their customers. They may now appeal to you at home, on the metro, or anywhere, rather than promoting on billboards and through posters.


Due to the proliferation of cell phones, we are constantly logged into social media. Consumers of beauty products will benefit from this since brands on social media can inform you as new trends are introduced. This is a big plus for anyone who likes to dress stylishly. We follow numerous beauty businesses on these apps, like most consumers interested in these products, as they frequently upload original information and instruct us on how to use various products.


Additionally, these companies are adopting the social media shopping trend. You can now buy things on the platforms you use the most rather than logging onto their website. As a result, prospective clients can save time and have a simpler life by shopping on social media. The new shopping capabilities on Instagram perfectly illustrate this because they provide a smooth purchasing experience and let you choose the cosmetics you desire right from a brand’s feed!


Additionally, brands now have a more powerful platform for connecting with their customers. As a result, merchandise that fans genuinely want has been produced. Brands may communicate with customers and gain in-the-moment feedback on their product lines, whether they are specialized skincare goods or eyeshadow in a particular shade. By engaging with its customers, the business above is also able to forge its own identity, an essential strategy for creating a brand identity.


Which Social Media Practices Affect Beauty Standards Negatively?


It’s obvious that exciting changes are taking place on the social media side of beauty. However, there are also some undesirable effects happening. The main topics covered here are the numerous adverse effects of social media on beauty standards. For instance, most influencers and brands publish heavily manipulated content. Even while it appears fantastic, this illusion has little to do with the results the product in question can indeed produce. This can have a detrimental impact on the customer experience. Additionally, exposure to manipulated images regularly can be detrimental to our mental health. When we stare in the mirror rather than at Photoshop, we may be troubled by models with flawless skin and features.


The pressure to look a certain way is related to this. We frequently notice physical and facial trends on social media. These fashions might be as simple and understated as a particular eyeliner shape or as dramatic as a certain body type. Although every one of us has a different body that makes us individually beautiful, these trends might put pressure on us to look a specific way.




Do Social Media Beauty Standards Have Statistics?


Did you know that today consumers are 41% more likely to find new products and brands via social media adverts? In addition, they are also 47% more likely to find these new launches on the brands’ social media pages.


These statistics illustrate how broad the reach of social media beauty brands really is. While all these platforms began as new ways for us to contact friends and share our stories, it’s now become an online marketplace and the primary focus of advertisements.


Going online isn’t a bad thing, however! The increased presence of beauty brands on social media allows us to get creative with our looks and connect with others with the same interests. If you’re mindful of your usage, beauty on social media can be a good thing.


What Impact Does social media Have on How We View Beauty?

We’ve all scrolled through social media before, but how many of us are willing to admit that it sometimes gets us down? Though these platforms can theoretically  improve connections, 82% of women also believe it’s altered their perception of beauty.


Even though this is a sizable percentage, are we all that shocked? We now have access to apps that can alter our appearance for the first time in history, so it makes sense that beauty standards are evolving as well. These are fads, just like fashion trends. There’s always a new trend we “should be adopting,” from various hair colors to various face features. Although these trends seem harmless fun on the surface, caution should be exercised when observing them.


Getting sucked into social media is simple, but you shouldn’t take anything you see at face value. People shouldn’t appear retouched in real life, and many “no makeup” selfies are fabrications. So, make sure you examine your feed critically. Since many beauty companies profit from the platform, it is only natural that their models appear flawless.


However, some oppositional movements are now visible on these apps. For instance, users that participate in the “body positivity” movement display their actual, unaltered bodies. Similar blogs for unfiltered skin exist, demonstrating that getting an occasional acne breakout is very natural.

We don’t think social media is terrible, but it might be time for a break if you find yourself feeling unhappy or constantly comparing yourself to others. If you’re feeling pushed or angered by social media beauty standards, it may be beneficial to chat with a close friend or relative.




If you self-moderate and avoid getting influenced by the newest trends, the existence of beauty brands on social media is wonderful. Be authentic! Even individuals who haven’t yet purchased a brand are loved by them. It’s easier than ever to acquire stuff on these platforms, and you may experiment with new trends for fun or to update your appearance. They also have more space for them to communicate with and understand their followers.


We love following our favorite brands on these platforms as we’re constantly inspired by their creative posts. If you feel the impact of beauty’s adverse effects on social media, you don’t have to face it alone. That’s why we recommend Beautifi, offering informed and rational recommendations on how to look and feel your very best. We’re happy to help you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin!