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What is Influencer Marketing? An Introduction

Influencer marketing, or affiliate marketing, has grown into a billion dollar industry and taken the social media world by storm. In recent years, social media users around the world have begun to make a living from paid posts and online marketing campaigns.

Social media offers the perfect space for brand ambassadorship, with influential users authentically recommending products and services to their loyal audiences. Influencer marketing in 2021 was an industry of 5-10 billion dollars and with that said, it is safe to say that it is a marketing force that is here to stay for a long time to come.

Every day we see lots of advertising. It literally surrounds us everywhere, so it’s no wonder people try to avoid ads and ignore annoying prompts. But companies need to be marketed, which is why companies need to find new and more natural ways to capture people’s attention.

Influencer marketing is what really works these days. Influencer marketing is when an opinion leader or celebrity on social media tells his followers about something they may really be interested in.

According to the latest influencer marketing statistics, 60% of consumers make their purchases due to recommendations on social networks. Impressive, right?

We have compiled everything you need to know about influencer marketing and how it works in this simple guide!

What is influencer marketing?

An influencer is a person who actively uses social platforms and has a certain range of interests and followers. They can be bloggers, journalists, celebrities or other people who have a large number of followers

So, influencer marketing is a type of advertising where a brand’s marketing is maintained with the help of people who have influence in social networks.

By using influencer marketing you can achieve such goals as:

increase brand awareness;
growing loyalty;
create unique content;
attract a new audience;
get honest feedback

1. Influencer Marketing: in a nutshell

People who have built a large and committed follower on Instagram are known as “influencers”, because their followers idolize them and respect their opinions. They may have gained a loyal following because of their lifestyle, their job or hobby, the clothes they wear, or the stories they tell.

The pool of influencers is large and versatile, which means that almost all brands have the potential to use influencer marketing for their industry and target group. And the fact is that we can see that influencers market a variety of things, like beauty influencers. Not least clothes and hair and make-up for things like video production, but also other things such as cars and tobacco-free snus.

The emergence of influencers opened up enormous opportunities for companies that want to market their products in an authentic way to their target group, and thus the phenomenon of “paid posts” was born.

In the early days, it could have been enough for a brand to send an influencer one of their products as a gift, in exchange for them posting it on their profile. But this changed with the rapid growth of the space, as influencers realized that they could not only get free products, but actually charge brands for marketing on their profile.

2. Why Influencer Marketing Works

Influencer marketing allows brands to reach their target audience in a way that feels much more genuine than traditional advertising.

Instead of companies selling directly to consumers and potential customers, they build relationships with influencers who can sell to them. Influencers have a strong and loyal relationship with their followers, as they share many aspects of their lives with them. This leads to us as followers getting to know them better and getting a closer contact with them. So when an influencer we like recommends something, we listen as we would if it were a friend. They also help point their followers to your Instagram or other social media channels to help you grow followers organically.

For example, if you follow a travel blogger for their beautiful photos or funny captions, and they write about an airplane pillow that gave them the best night ‘sleep on a long-haul flight, you’re more likely to remember the brand and buy it for your next vacation because you like and trust them. Makes sense, right?

With approximately 1 billion active users, Instagram has become the best platform for influencer marketing. 72% of users said they have made fashion, beauty or style related purchases after seeing something in the app, which proved its power in the digital marketing landscape 2020.

3. How much do Instagram influencers cost?

To give you an idea of ​​the numbers in the Instagram influencer marketing world, Hopper HQ’s annual Instagram Rich List revealed how much money the top influencers and celebrities can make on a single post.

Kylie Jenner took home the top spot and took over $ 1 million for a product-related post on her Instagram profile, contributing to one of the not so secret Instagram secrets. Given that the 21-year-old erased $ 1.3 billion of Snapchat‘s market value with a single tweet earlier last year, her influence is should choose your dry shampoo consciously because it is another product that sits in your hair. Choose a clean and high-quality dry shampoo that is designed to keep your hair fresh and counteract grease. In fact, if you want to give your hair a volume boost, simply apply your dry shampoo and let it sit for a while. Then turn the hair upside down and lift up the roots with your fingers. Scroll the lengths to add volume, and you’re ready to go.

If you are interested in how to become an influencer yourself, see how your favorite influencers are connecting with their audiences and try to take the same steps they do in creating content geared towards their viewers.

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