Thursday, May 23

DIY: How to Make Your Jeans Into Shorts

Are you tired of your old pair of jeans that are just laying there in the wardrobe without being worn? Here we teach you how too turn the boring jeans that you don’t wear into great-looking shorts.

What you need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Good scissors
  • Tailor chalk or pen

How to turn your jeans into shorts

  1.  Put on your jeans. Mark on the outside where you want the shorts to end.
  2. Select a line straight across the leg.
  3. Cut a straight line across the leg about two inches down the jeans leg from your line.
  4. Try the shorts and see where they end. Now is your chance to confirm that they are absolutely perfect. If they are a little too long, repeat the process. If they are perfect, move on.
  5. If you want a fringed edge, either twist the edge with your hand or wash them, the washing machine will fringe them for you.