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Cool Gadgets to Get Your Cat

Pampering your pet has never been easier. With so many options available for pet owners, you can keep your cat entertained and healthy easily. All parents want the best for their pets, so it’s always best to purchase them high-quality toys, treats, and gadgets that can enhance their lives and provide them with much-needed physical or mental stimulation. Introducing cats to new toys should not only make your cat happy or maintain their health, but they should make being a pet parent easier, allowing you to spend less time worrying about your pet and more time hanging out with them. Here are a few cool gadgets to get your cat. 

A Multi-Functional Activity Center 

Cat activity centers can keep your cat entertained, allowing them to play with themselves to burn their energy off without needing pet parents to intervene. Activity centers differ depending on where you shop and what brand you buy from. However, many of them are multi-functional, acting as fun toys for cats that allow them to swat at them, play with them, rub up against them, or even groom themselves. 


A multi-functional activity center is not only a great toy for your cat, but it’s great for pet parents with limited space. Getting an all-in-one activity center can keep your cat entertained for hours because there’s so much to do, but you don’t need a ton of space. 

Pet Laser

Most cat owners have a laser pointer they use to play with their cats, keeping their cats active and engaged in an activity. However, it’s no longer necessary for humans to stop what they’re doing to turn on a laser for their cat. Instead, you can get an interactive pet laser toy that entertains your cats with automatically generated laser patterns. All you have to do is turn it on and place the laser on a flat surface to allow your cat to try to catch the laser for hours. 

Cat Scratcher Toys

If you don’t have enough scratchers around your home, consider getting your cat a scratcher that doubles as a toy. A cat scratcher toy is a safe toy that allows hours of entertainment for cats. Many of them come with catnip, balls, and a replaceable scratch pad so your cat can use it to do whatever they want. 

Self Cleaning Litter Box

No one likes cleaning their cat’s litter box, but it’s a necessary part of being a pet parent. With a self-cleaning litter box, you don’t have to worry about scooping! Instead, there’s a grill that separates clumps and puts them in a pullout tray. When you want to clean your cat’s litter box, you just need to pull out the tray and refill the litter every so often. Additionally, cats can be pretty finicky about where you put the box, so make sure to try out different locations for their litter box until you’ve found a spot they like. 

Pet Fountain

Pet fountains are great for cats who love to play with water, but they can also be useful for those who live in hot climates and drink a lot of water. A pet fountain makes it easy for you to ensure your cat is getting quality water when they need it. Pet fountains typically allow you to fill them up with more water than you would a regular bowl, so you won’t have to fill your cat’s water up as frequently. Additionally, pet fountains come with filters to ensure your pet’s water is safer than tap water. 

Cat Flap

Humans need privacy from time to time, but as a cat owner, you might never be able to shut your door just in case your cat wants to come into any room. With a cat flap, you can make any room in your home accessible to your cat but not other people, or you can keep kitty-only zones blocked off while still allowing your cat to get to them. For example, you can add a cat flap to your home office to allow you to get privacy while working but allow your cat to come and go as they please, or you can put a cat flap in a room with their litter box to keep your cat’s potty space free from others. 

Cat Trees

Cats love to climb, so if your cat is always climbing up the walls or onto the furniture, it might just be their way of asking for a cat tree. Cat trees are great for cats of all types, and it allows them to jump and perch to relax. Many cat trees also come with scratchers to keep them occupied, making a cat tree a necessity for any household with multiple pets. 

Pet Camera

Do you ever wonder what your cat does while you’re not home? Now you can know. With a pet camera, you can watch your pet without having to worry if they’re safe while you’re at work or on the go. Depending on the type of camera you get, you can also get pet cams that allow you to communicate with your pets via sound or feed them treats remotely. If your pet gets separation anxiety and meows excessively when you’re away, a pet camera that dispenses treats is a great way to help them cope with their stress. 

Automatic Feeder

An automatic feeder ensures your pet is always fed the correct portion size. Whether you’re watching your cat’s weight or want to ensure they’re healthy, an automatic feeder can help. All you have to do is fill it up with food and adjust the times to fill your cat’s bowl. 

Final Thoughts

When shopping for your cat, don’t forget about their needs. Some cats enjoy more activity than others, so you’ll need to find gadgets that can help keep them entertained even when you’re away. You can’t always be around to prevent your cat from scratching the furniture, but with the right products, you can ensure your cat is happy and healthy. If your cat seems to exhibit changes in behavior, like a sudden loss of energy or acting more aggressively than usual, its best to consult a veterinarian. While physical health is important, your cat needs mental stimulation, too. Look for toys and gadgets that can provide them with both. 


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