Sunday, April 14

5 Primers that Will Make Your Makeup Stay All Day

Want to make the makeup last longer? Use a primer! A primer can also make the skin more glowing, smoother and reduce oily skin. Here are TopHealth’s five favorites.

 L’Oréal Lumi Magique Primer

This is a primer that gives luster. This primer is light reflective and gives the skin extra shine. The skin is moisturized for eight hours and becomes silky. It is easy to apply and gives a smooth and fine result!

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Redness Relief Primer SPF 20

A lightweight primer that has a relaxing effect on stressed and irritated skin – perfect for those with sensitive skin! The primer contains plant extracts with naturally green pigments that reduce redness and give a smooth and natural result. In addition, it has a sun protection factor 20.

Youngblood Mineral Primer

Oil-free mineral primer perfect for oily skin. The primer is silicone-based and is quickly absorbed into an even powder layer. The minerals together with vitamins A and E protect the skin cells and rebuild stressed skin. In addition, the skin becomes silky!

BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer Neutralizing

This primer is free of oil and perfume and is suitable for all skin types. It contains corrective color pigments and light reflective pigments, which gives a smoother skin tone, reduces redness and brightens the skin for a fresher look! It is easy to apply and the skin becomes wonderfully soft.

Isadora ProTect Face Primer SPF 30

A lightly colored primer that gives a fresh tone and moisturizes the skin considerably! In addition, it protects the skin from premature aging. The primer contains collagen which reduces wrinkles, fills and makes the skin firmer. It also contains vitamins C and E that boost the skin with antioxidants. It is free of oil and perfume and is perfect for greasy and mixed skin. The primer is clinically tested and has a sun protection factor of 30.