Wednesday, July 24

3 Great Ways to Use Lip Gloss

Lip gloss may be used to wear your lips, but that’s not the only way you can use it. If you need to spice yourself up for something unexpected that pops up, it’s good to know how to use the same makeup product for different things. Below we list how you can use lip gloss in more ways than just the lips.

1. Highlight

Use your fingers to dab some lip gloss under your eyebrows and cheekbones to get a glossy and shimmery effect. Tip: In order to replace a highlighter, lip gloss should contain glitter or be glossy.


It is super smooth to use your lip gloss as a cream. Dot a peach or pink lip gloss on your cheeks to get a rosy shine. However, do not use too much! The texture of the lip gloss makes it easy to take too much. So start with a thin layer.

3. Eye shadow

Using lip gloss on the eyelids gives a trendy “wet look”. Gently apply the lip gloss with your finger. Here it is also good not to apply too much as the skin around the eyes is extra sensitive.