Sunday, April 14

What Types of Casino Games Do Women Like?

Women have gradually shifted onto the girl online casino realm as opposed to land-based gambling arenas. Nowadays, more and more women are choosing digital casinos that are all over the internet. Easily accessible and incomparably more convenient, online casinos are growing on female gamblers.

But what games do women like playing in the casino as opposed to men?

Currently, a bigger portion of men gambles in comparison with women. However, the statistics say that the number of female casino-goers is rising. But what draws ladies in? We discuss the best casino games for women.

1. Video Slots

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that online slots are the most popular casino game on the planet. Although their return to player values (RTPs) are not as high as some card games, players are fond of them. And as such a diverse and innovative category in the casino, slots are colourful and feature different themes. Hence, there are animal slots, fantasy, history, and fairytale slots. Additionally, there are free online slots inspired by ancient cultures and exotic continents. To exemplify, Asia-themed slots online are not only hot in Asia, but also worldwide. There are millions of enthusiasts interested in Asian cultures. These gamblers typically go for Asian online

2. Poker

Social gambling sites are usually home to the most diverse game portfolios. Legit online casinos host thousands of titles – yes, thousands. Among them, everyone is likely to find at least a bunch of women-friendly titles. Poker is a game that has been linked with casino ladies for centuries now. Let’s look back at the 19th century when Poker Alice ruled the land-based gambling universe. This badass lady rocked the world of the male-dominated industry. The first lady of gambling also paved the path for future casino ladies.

Nowadays, online casino poker can be played in multiple variants. For instance, there is the simplified video poker version with straightforward rules. The simple gameplay and ruleset make it easy for even beginners to start playing for real money. Then, we have live poker, which is an interactive rendition of the popular casino game for women. Live poker allows players to talk to fellow players at unlimited-seat tables via live chat. Lastly, there is the standard virtual poker based on RNG software for a more individualistic approach.

3. Bingo

Next up, you might have seen this coming. Bingo and generally lottery-like games are extremely popular in girly online casinos. Even if you just Google “casinos for women”, the search results will likely feature a few bingo rooms. In modern virtual casinos for girls, bingo games have 75, 80, or 90 balls.

The thematic rooms further enhance the dynamic atmosphere in the gaming arena. You can choose to play in classy, elegant bingo rooms with decorations and flashy lights. On the other hand, you may pick a chilled-out, relaxing room with a slower, toned-down vibe. The choice is yours. However, you should know that bingo RTP is typically even lower than slots. But if you don’t mind the higher risk due to more fun, we certainly recommend online bingo to women.

4. Blackjack

While some statistics claim that men prefer games of skill, facts speak differently. Namely, both male and female casino players enjoy games of chance and those showing off skills equally. An equal number of guys and girls play slots. The same goes for advanced games like blackjack.

To play online blackjack for real money successfully and win, you need a strategy. Surely, anyone can play any game without a plan, but that won’t get you far. To get huge winnings from blackjack, you must know the perfect basic strategy which tells you when to hit and stand.

Also, similar to poker, blackjack can be RNG-based and live. Depending on your preferences, you may want to play in real-time and be dealt cards by a real dealer. On the other hand, if you’re a lone she-wolf, virtual blackjack might be up your alley. Either way, online blackjack is not rigged, regardless if you choose RNG or live.

5. Roulette

Lastly, we’ve come to another stereotypical man’s game – roulette. When you think of roulette tables in the movies, it’s usually men who play. Women, on the other hand, are there to cheer for their partners and be their Lady Luck. But times have changed. Now ladies are taking over and luck is on their side.

More and more women play roulette in online casinos. Stats show that women are skilled in games where a strategy is required. Casino ladies use betting systems like the Martingale or Labouchere to beat the house and decrease the house edge. As a result, girls win at roulette more often than men.