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Top 17 Foundations You Should Try

Different types of foundation – which type is right for you?

The consistency is often related to the result. If you want a foundation that is barely visible, you should have a liquid foundation. For a more comprehensive result, you can choose a mousse or a powder-based base. The thicker the texture, the more coverage is an easy rule to follow if you are unsure of a foundation’s coverage.

Always choose foundation according to your skin tone, it is important that it is not too dark or light. Find the right shade by testing in daylight. Add foundation to the jawline and you will see how the shade is to both face and neck. The right shade should appear the least and blend into the skin without blurring it too much. The point of foundation is to even out the skin, not give color. For example, if you want your skin to look more tanned, do it with bronze powder and not with a foundation. Also, keep in mind that your skin tone can change, often depending on the season and be sure to test the shade before each new purchase.

How to apply foundation

Make sure your skin is clean and moisturized and apply a primer before foundation. Brush, sponge or your fingers – what you choose to apply your foundation with is a pure taste (the exception is loose mineral powders that require a dense brush for you to apply it properly). The fingers are an excellent tool and the heat from the hands allows the color to blend naturally into the skin. Always clean your hands thoroughly beforehand, but keep in mind that we always have some natural oils left on the skin that can sometimes “interfere” with the formula. A brush makes it easier to work in layers in layers with and a sponge is good for blurring sharp edges with. Wash the implements as often as you can, both to extend the life of your brushes and to remove bacteria that can lead to infections.

A foundation should not cover everything and you do not have to wear it all over your face. Focus on areas where you need, usually in the middle of the face, around the nose and on the chin. Then continue to blur to the hairline and jawline.

1. Glominerals Pressed Base Powder Foundation

A great mineral foundation.  Fast and supple foundation whose coverage ratio can easily be varied When it comes to mineral foundations, the most common type is loose powders. Therefore, it can feel unfamiliar with a mineral foundation in powder form.

The fact that it is pressed means that it is super-flexible to work with – not least because you do not have the cloud of powder that stains down dark clothes. It is so easy to use that after a couple of times you hardly even need a mirror to get a nice result, which is perfect in the morning. It really doesn’t take more than a minute to get a nice result.

The degree of coverage is entirely dependent on how much product is used and it can also be varied using different tools. It is even possible to replace concealers with Glominerals Pressed Base Powder Foundation. Then use a narrower brush and dab in areas that need extra coverage. A plus is that it is fast, smooth and super easy to use. A minus is that if you are dry, the skin can tighten a little.

2. Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation

Provides natural coverage and is available in many colors. The cushion with foundation and the application puff makes the job smooth. Light and fresh texture that gives the skin a nice, moisturized feel and leaves a faint, luminous finish on the skin.

The result is transparent but with a few extra turns you can work up a better coverage. Durability is such, but still among the best when comparing similar cushion foundations. This foundation is available in many colors, even for the very darkest skin tones, and the wide color range definitely gives you plus points. A plus is that it is refillable and available in many colors. A downside is that it is slightly expensive and lacks sun protection.

3. Clinique Even Better Makeup

A great luxurious and premium foundation. A durable liquid foundation that provides coverage, natural finish, and is available in a good range of colors Liquid foundation which, according to the marketing, is intended mainly to smooth out brown pigment spots, but which works well on all kinds of irregularities and skin types. The coverage is high, but at the same time, the result is incredibly natural and never cakey. Sets matte, but at the same time with a beautiful, subtle glow – a perfect finish to hide stains and refresh a gray complexion. The sun is the biggest cause of pigment stains and Cliniques Even Better contains sun protection factor 15. The durability is phenomenal, even on oily skin types, it sits without problems for eight hours. Pluses include a good cover, natural finish, durable, and a good color selection. A minus is that it has slightly low SPF

4. Jane Iredale Amazing Bare Mineral powder

Mineral powder foundation with high sun protection factor, a wide color range, and good durability.

Loose mineral foundation with a soft texture that hides blemishes naturally. If you want more coverage, you can build it up. The powder should be mixed with a cream and then lubricated.

The finish is nicely matte and differs from Bare mineral’s original foundation which shines and can give the impression of glossy skin. It has SPF 20 which gives plus points. In the assortment, there are many shades. It is generally a little more expensive than other mineral foundations but is good and lasts for an eternity that is therefore clearly worth its price.

5. L’Oreal True Match Super

An affordable foundation that gives a natural result, mats down and smooths out

Liquid foundation with silky texture that blends the skin naturally. The coverage is shiny and allows the skin to shine through while concealing minor blemishes and redness. The finish is dull, and it is only here that a small problem arises. If you have dry skin, the powdery surface can highlight dry areas and wrinkles in an unflattering way. If your skin is normal to oily, there is no problem. Unfortunately, the color range is not complete here in the Nordic countries, abroad it is known for its large palette. The nuances found here are nice and natural but we would have liked to have more dark alternatives.

+ Natural, affordable, durable, matting down
– Emphasizes dryness, poor color selection

6. Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation

Light, liquid and very affordable foundation that feels moisturizing on the skin. It lets the skin shine through and gives a dewy finish. The skin looks natural with this foundation. Even though it is shiny, it is possible to build up a higher coverage ratio. The bottle is unusually stylish. The moist finish fits a dry to normal skin type, those in the test panel with oily – and mixed skin experienced it as very sticky on the skin. A minus is that those with oily skin think it slips off after half the day, while others with dry skin thought it was perfect until bedtime. It is natural, affordable, and moisturizing. On some skin types, it can be too glossy.

7. Pure Minerals Air Perfection Cushion Foundation

This foundation has high sun protection and nourishing ingredients. The texture is light and mousse-like. At first, it feels a bit sticky on the skin but after a few seconds, it has dried in nicely. The finish sits semi-matte. With the help of the pillow, it can be evened in a single sweep.

It gives a natural feel but is at the same time one of the cushion foundations that suits you with a little more coverage needs and fatter skin. An extra refill is included. It contains sun protection factor 50, as well as a variety of skincare ingredients such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and hyaluronic acid. The positive includes that it has nourishing ingredients.

8. Sensai Total Finish Natural Matte

Sensai Total Finish Natural Matte SPF 15 powder foundation from Sensai impresses directly by being very easy to apply. If you dab the powder over the face with a dense powder brush, you get a very matte, even and fine finish. A smaller and more compact brush can advantageously be used to cover blisters, rashes and even dark circles under the eyes. Sensai Total Finish Matte is a durable powder.  Sensai’s powder foundation lasts a long time and is specially designed for oily skin. This makes it cover the gloss very well, but after a long day at work, a refresh may be needed. Unfortunately, the powder also has a tendency to crumble.

A plus is that it has SPF 15 and that the case is very classic and clean.

9. Bareminerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

A great foundation with sun protection factor and moisturizing properties and a good range of colors. Liquid foundation with a watery texture. Easy to spread and get even across the face. The formula is rough and only a few drops is needed for the entire face. It feels moisturizing and the finish is bright, on the border of too glossy on some. The fact that they put “serum” in the name is most of all a marketing ploy, it contains certainly nourishing ingredients but certainly not at the level of serum. However, sun protection is complete, which is an important part of preventative care. The huge range of colors makes it easy to find a perfect shade.

10. Clarins Everlasting Foundation

This is a foundation that lasts all day, is easy-going, and has a long-lasting formula. The liquid texture is opaque but lightly worked and it is not difficult to make it blend naturally. The finish is matte but not flat and we expect a subtle shine that makes the skin smooth and perfectly. According to the marketing, it should last up to 18 hours, that is to stretch the truth, especially if you have a greasy complexion, but all day long it will sit nicely. The color range is good with at least a dark shade. Unfortunately, the color oxidizes after a while on the skin so be sure to try before you make a purchase. It comes in a nice bottle with a fresh scent.

11. IsaDora Nude Cushion Foundation

This foundation delivers just enough color for a smooth and natural result. The color sits semi-matte and stays nice all day, even on skin that has a tendency to become oily. There is a wide selection of shades, except for the very darkest skin tones. However, the brightest colors attract a bit of yellow which can be unflattering.

It also maintains a high standard and can definitely be measured in quality with the more expensive variants. The plus is that it is affordable, durable, and available in many colors. A downside is that it has no sun protection.

12. Bareminerals Original Foundation

Creamy foundation that is easy to apply and gives a beautiful shine

An now small iconic foundation that paved the way for the huge success that the Bareminerals brand has become. The powder is easy to work into the skin with a brush. The finish is shimmery, on the border of glittery, which makes it not suitable for oily skin, but is not perfect on dry skin either because it is perceived as a little drying and easily cakes. Good selection of colors but some skin tones get an unflattering, oily tone. Contains bismuth oxychloride (bismuth oxychloride in Swedish) that many people experience tingling on the skin. Contains sun protection factor but only spf 15 and it is difficult to apply as much as is necessary for the sun protection to be sufficient.

+ Creamy, easy to apply, brightening
– Contains bismuth oxychloride

13. Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation

Covering and leveling foundation that lasts a long time, at an affordable cost

Soft, liquid texture that is easy to apply and get even. Can be made relatively transparent but you can also work up a coverage. In place, it sits dull and stays throughout the day. Not even the most oily skin types needed to powder the nose bow in the afternoon. However, it can feel a little drying on very dry skin. Contains sun protection factor which is always a big advantage. The only major objection we have is the range of colors, there are too few, especially in the darker scale and most shades are turning pink which is unflattering on most.

+ Coverage and leveling, sun protection factor, durable, affordable
– Too few colors, drying out on dry skin

14. Dior DreamSkin Perfect Skin foundation

One of the market’s most expensive powder foundations, but the price is actually not completely unjustified because you get an extra refill package when you buy. In addition, you can buy additional refills. The feeling of luxury is also undeniable. The box is beautiful and sturdy with a fluffy, foundation-filled pillow and a puff that gives perfect even results in a swipe. Like many other more expensive cushion variants, Dior’s pillow has small pores, unlike cheaper products that have fewer and larger holes.

Dior’s foundation contains some skincare ingredients and also sun protection factor 50, which raises the grade significantly. Sunscreen is an expensive ingredient, which is also a reason for the high price. The plus of this foundation is that it offers natural coverage, fine finish, luxurious feel, refillable.

15. The Ordinary Serum Foundation

A lightweight, tough and affordable foundation that gives a nice result.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is a very light foundation and when you pump out the product in your hand you are struck by how fluid it is. It is advantageously applied directly and is incredibly easy to work into the skin. You really don’t need much product for a good result and irregularities in the skin are effectively hidden. The product leaves a velvety surface. If you are craving more luster, you can mix in a drop of facial oil, which also remedies this foundation’s biggest shortcoming: it does not work super well on dry skin. If you have the slightest tendency to be dry, this product, unfortunately, highlights all the greasy surfaces. The plus includes that it is easy to work with, is cheap, and gives a great result.

16. Lumene Nordic Nude Natural Glow Fluid Foundation

A very lightweight foundation that gives incredible shine and fine glow. If you are looking for a foundation that provides great glow, the Lumene Nordic Nude Natural Glow Fluid Foundation is definitely a good candidate to fulfill everyone’s dreams of a vibrant and lustrous skin.

This is a light foundation with medium coverage – in other words, it even lets your skin shine through and the result comes alive instead of flat. Just as the name promises, it really gives a hefty dose of luster. The product is easy to apply and depending on which tool you use, it is easy to vary from a skirt result that is mostly about glow, to a much more comprehensive one. The base becomes even and the skin feels soft and fine. After a few hours, however, you may find that the product settles into pores and fine lines, and if you have dry parts, then these are highlighted in a way that you prefer to avoid.

While the Lumene Nordic Nude Natural Glow Fluid Foundation is easy to work with, it has a tendency to oxidize, which means that the color changes. It tightens a bit in the darker direction a few minutes after it comes into contact with the air and the skin. If you have dry skin or feel that foundation likes to get into the pores, this is the wrong choice. But if you are looking for a glow, the Lumene Nordic Nude Natural Glow Fluid Foundation is a product to invest in.

17. L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

A compact box with liquid foundation lying in a sponge. The formula is thin and easy to work out. The coverage is transparent and there is no risk of it ever looking cakey on the skin. With a little work, you can get additional coverage, but it is not for you who want to hide a lot. Unfortunately, the shiny effect can make unevenness more pronounced instead of being covered. The formula contains SPF 29 and the ingredient titanium dioxide guarantees broad protection.

The package contains 14.6 grams, which is normal in the Cushion context but not a lot if you compare with what you get if you buy a bottle foundation. It is available in many shades, but unfortunately not for the darkest skin tones. The benefits include sun protection, luster, and natural coverage.