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Rules Of Good Dress For Women For A Job Interview

The interview is a very crucial stage in someone’s life. It can make or break your bright future. In this article, we want to advise you so that you have the appropriate look for an interview, depending on the position you aspire to. Read on and find out what you can use and what you should leave in the closet.

Prepare to impress in the interview

Job interviews are formal occasions where the first impression counts for a lot. The selection process is influenced by your attire and overall appearance, which is a form of non-verbal communication. Dressing appropriately will indicate to the employer your professionalism and interest in the position.

You should not only worry about how to dress for a job interview but also how you look. Here we at Albeli present the basic rules that you must follow, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman, it is recommended to follow them.

  • Follow basic hygiene rules or you’ll ruin your presentation to your potential employer. Take a bath before the interview, and keep your hands clean. If you use perfume or a lotion that does not have a strong odour.
  • You should wear makeup as naturally as possible, nothing overdone. The hairstyle for the interview should also be discreet. You have two hairstyle options: down or in a low bun.
  • It is recommended to cover tattoos. And if you have piercings on your face or ears, remove them to go to the interview.
  • Take care of the appearance of your hands. Nails must be clean. Go as naturally as possible. If you want to paint them, use a light colour, do not use strong colours that distract the attention of the employer.

Rules of good dress for a job interview

You have been preparing for the job interview, but there is still a detail that you do not know how to solve: how to dress. Many people go through this doubt, especially if it is the first time they go on this type of appointment.

For that day your look should be consistent with the job you aspire to. Always giving preference to a classic style. Every detail of your appearance counts, and the employer will look at them to see if you represent the image of the company. You want to be remembered at the end of the interview for your skills and not for going with an inappropriate look.

Hit the look for a job interview by following these rules. They will also help you put together your wardrobe for the office and always go well dressed.

1. Find out the company’s dress code

Before going to the interview, study how the other employees of the company or the sector to which it belongs are doing. It is common for each workplace to have its own dress code, Imitate it so as not to clash. In fact, it is advisable to raise expectations a bit, but without exaggerating.

If you know someone within the company, ask them how the employees usually dress. You can also check with the person who arranged the interview. Another way to find out is to approach the company and see for yourself..

2. Opt for a classic and discreet style

You must convey a clean and professional image. The safest way to do this is to stick with a classic, understated style. Avoid very striking colours or garments.

The person doing the interview will look at you as a whole. If you want him to be attentive to your answers, do not distract him with an inappropriate image. Otherwise, he will remember you for the most inappropriate reasons.

3. Wear clothes you are comfortable in

When you think about how to go to a job interview, uncomfortable outfits that have nothing to do with your style may come to mind. This does not have to be so, you can reflect your way of being in your clothes, without being too loud.

The goal you have ahead of you is to transmit professionalism and for this, you must be comfortable in your clothes. Wear clothes that are your size, and that fit well, especially for women who show a lot of skin.

Pants must be the appropriate length, not dragging on the floor. Jacket sleeves also need to be the correct length. Clothing that is the right size will make you feel more confident before and during the interview.

4. Choose the appropriate colours

Women have more freedom with the undertone but try not to use a too flashy colour. You can do some research on what the tones of the clothes convey to choose the appropriate colours for the interview. Navy blue reflects integrity and professionalism. Black too, but do not use it excessively, combine it with contrasting garments.

Yellow transmits energy, creativity and joy; red is dominant and orange is synonymous with an outgoing personality. These tones can be used sparingly, in an accessory. Don’t give them too much prominence.

5. Dress according to the type of work

It must be clear that not all jobs are the same. Those that are carried out in a traditional office require a more formal look. These are related to the finance sector, and business, among others. For these cases, women can go in pantsuits or skirts, or if they prefer a conservative dress and closed shoes.

Other jobs take place in a more casual environment. You are interested in knowing then how to dress for an informal job interview. You can wear jeans in dark colours, with a long-sleeved or shirt or blouse. If you need outfit inspiration you can check out this resource for tops for girls. You should not go to a job interview with a tank top.

Women: Keep a simple and professional style

Women have the freedom to choose between one pair of pants or a skirt. If you choose a skirt, it should be long enough to cover your thighs when you’re sitting. No wearing miniskirts to an interview and you should also avoid them if you get the job.

As for colours, especially for shirts for women, you can add black. You can also soften this with the colour of the shirt or sweater. Under the jacket, you can wear a well-fitting shirt, without transparency or deep necklines. You can also add a vest.

If you decide to wear a dress or skirt you must wear socks in a neutral colour. Shoes preferably with medium or high heels, unless some condition prevents it. And they must match the colour of the suit or dress. Do not use platforms or stilettos for a job interview.

Limit the number of accessories you wear and the ones you wear should be discreet. A pair of earrings, a necklace and a bracelet is enough. Avoid accessories that are very large and flashy. You should also choose carefully between handbags and purses. Following the advice above, it should not be too big and ostentatious either. The size should be enough to carry the resume without folding it.

Follow these tips and you will know how to dress well for a job interview. Remember to find out the culture of the company before selecting the appropriate outfit and add some detail that represents your style.