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How to do a Party Makeup with Glitter (Complete Party Makeup Guide)

Are you going to a party? Glitter can really enhance makeup and make it so much more glamorous and luxurious. In this post, we give tips on makeup products you need that are perfect for a glamorous party look – some of which have glitter and shimmering effect to really give you that sparkly look.

When it comes to party makeup, glitter really is everything. Regular makeup will give you a great look. But makeup done with glittering products is really something that is out of the ordinary. In other words, exactly what is needed to look the best in the room at a party.

Party makeup with glitter tips

Focus on the eyes

The eyes are everything when it comes to party makeup. This is because there are so many opportunities here to create something bold, unique, and glamorous. Glittery eyes are something that simply cannot go wrong. You can add glitter to your eye makeup in a discreet yet very elegant way. But at the same time, you can also choose to go bold by using bold colors such as red or bright blue. Just make sure you use eye primer under the shadow so that it sits all night. Use a glitter primer/ glitter glue in order to attach the glitter where you want it. This can also be used in the rest of your face depending on where you want it.

If you want, you can mix the glitter with the primer on a palette and then apply it to your face.

Eyeshadow palettes

A party look requires bold and over-the-top makeup products to stand out. One way to do that, as mentioned, is to use glitter. But another is to use bright and bold colors. This is where eyeshadow palettes come in handy. The best of all is that there are many party eyeshadow palettes out there that have a glitter effect, which means getting the best of both worlds.


A lipstick is a must for a complete party look. Invest in a bold color that goes well with the rest of your look. Dark red, dark pink, or even purple can be good choices here. There are also lipsticks with glitter and glitter effect to add that extra glam touch.

Red is the shade that fits almost everyone and which adds a dramatic and bold touch.

To enhance your lips even further, use a lip liner to line your lips. You can do this using a lip pencil or liner. It should be close to your lip color. The lip liner will prevent your lipstick from bleeding past your lips


Face and body shimmer is also a great choice here.

Don’t limit yourself to your face, but why not add some extra glam shimmering effect to other parts of your body? You can also apply face and body shimmer. This can be applied both to your face on places that you find appropriate, but also your body such as the chest, neck, and even arms.

Below, we share our favorite glitter makeup products that you need to do perfect glamorous makeup for a party.

Focus on one dramatic move

Party make-ups can be bold and over the top. But at the same time, with a lot of dramatic elements like lips, glitter, eyeshadow, there is always a risk that it can become too much. Unless you are 100% sure what you are doing, start with one dramatic move in your party makeup as to not risk doing it too much. This also creates a nice balance in your makeup, with more toned down and simple, contrasted by a bold touch. For example, smoky eyes against a neutral shade lipstick. Now, we want to emphasize, there is nothing wrong with going over the top. If done right, it can look amazing. It’s just that you need to know what you are doing.


Mascara is the final touch to your makeup. A tip is to choose a mascara that is suited for your hair color. A mascara, as you know, adds boldness and texture and accentuates the eyes. When applying, start at the base of your top lashes, underneath them. Then, wiggle your mascara brush through your lashes. After you have applied one coat, apply one or two more coats until you have your desired color.

  • Repeat this step on your lower lashes, but apply the mascara to the top of the lashes instead of underneath them.
  • If you have dark hair, use a black mascara. If you have light hair, try a dark brown or brown mascara. It will still look mostly black on your eyelashes, but won’t make your lashes look spidery.
  • Before you apply your mascara you can use an eyelash curler to add definition to your eyelashes.

Top glitter products for a party makeup

1. Glitter gel

2. Eyelashes

False lashes that give you fullness and length right at the outer corner.

3. Lipstick from Armani

4. Eyeshadow palette

5. Red lipstick glitter

6. Face serum

For a perfect glow.

7. Eyeshadow palette

8. Face and body shimmer

Get a perfect glow with this face and body shimmer!

10. Eyeliner

9. Luster palate

There we have it! Choosing from the products above, you will be ready to look flawless for a party night!