Wednesday, July 24

How To Do a Natural Makeup

Simple and natural makeup is perfect to have in your everyday life. But it can be difficult to really get to that natural look. Here we give some tips for a natural yet flawless everyday makeup.

1. Get and use the right products

The key to beautiful makeup is to use only the most essential products. Applying too many layers of makeup just gives an unnatural result.

If you are red around your nostrils or dark under the eyes, cover these problem areas with a concealer, rather than a thick layer of foundation all over your face. Concentrate on the areas you want to cover. Use the right products for the right purpose.

2. Choose the right foundation

You may not need a covering foundation at all, but just an unpainted day cream. But if you want to use a foundation, make sure to choose the right shade. Ask for help in the store to get a shade that suits your skin tone. Be sure to test in daylight.

One tip is to mix one click of a colored foundation with your regular day cream, so you get a small but natural coverage.

3. Be careful with glitter

Be careful when buying bronzer. Some of them contain a lot of glitter, which accentuates wrinkles and lines.

If you still want a light-reflective effect, use a bronzer on certain areas of the face, such as the cheeks – not the entire face. Then the skin risks looking unnaturally oily and glittery.

4. Give the cheeks color

Rouge refreshes the face in a nose. Use a soft brush and apply the rouge from the cheeks and up the temples. Avoid putting it too close to your nose, two finger widths away is a good rule of thumb.

But beware of using too much rouge, as there may be some Easter banter all over. If you happen to apply too much, use some powder on top to tone down the color.

5. Use soft colors around the eyes

When it comes to eyeshadows, use natural shades such as brown, pink and peach. If you want to give your eyes a lift, add a light shade right up to the eyebrows and then a little darker along the lash line. If you’re in a hurry, dab on a little rouge on the eyelids. Choose a brown mascara instead of a black one, it gives a more natural impression, as well with kajal and eyeliner.

6. Calm colors on the lips

If you want the color of your lips, choose a lip gloss in a natural color such as apricot or pink. The lip gloss gives a softer impression than a lipstick. Another tip is to use regular lip gloss/balm. Then you get a little lustrous but do not have the color.