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How To Design Your Sunroom For Summer

How To Design Your Sunroom For Summer 

Image by GrumpyBeere from Pixabay


When designing your sunroom, you must consider the design all year round. You can just pick a colour scheme that looks great during summer. That includes your sunroom. This sunroom is there for the warmer months but should also be enjoyed during winter. 


Sunrooms are great for enjoying daylight as you sit down and relax. You don’t need to have the television on either. You just need to enjoy a bit of peace as the sun warms up the room. 


Designing a sunroom isn’t easy if you don’t have great taste in interior design. Plus, you need to make this room as relaxing as possible. Here are some design tips for your sunroom and how you can enjoy the warmer months. 

Keep The Room Cool

The first tip we can give you is to ensure you keep the room cool. You can guarantee that this room will get very warm during summer. That is why you need to make sure you keep it cool. 


The first step to keeping your summer room cool is to purchase blinds. These are great for blocking the sunlight out when you are not in the room. Once you go into the room, you can open them up or leave them shut. You can even get roof blinds if you wish to keep the sunlight out of your room during the day. Make sure you have a vent to create a draft. 


You don’t need to stick to one design for your windows. We advise you to use blinds and curtains to keep the heat out. It will make the temperature more bearable and comfortable during the peak of summer.

Keep Your Sunroom Warm

Now, this might be contradictory but this is for winter months. As mentioned earlier, this room needs to be designed for all year round which means you need to keep it warm during winter as well. 


The first step you need to make is to ensure your walls are well insulated. Insulation is essential for keeping the cold air out and the warm air in during winter. If you want glass all around your sunroom, we advise you to have a solid roof to keep the warmth in. However, if you have one side which is a brick wall, place your furniture such as your sofa along this wall. That way, you are keeping the warmth in your home. 


As soon as your installation has been installed inside the walls or your roof, you need to think of how you keep it warm. There are many things to consider such as a heat pump as this is an eco-friendly way of keeping your room warm. However, a log burner is another good way to keep this room warm and heat it very quickly. Central heating can take a while to warm up and if you suddenly want to sit in your sunroom during winter, you need something to warm the room up instantly and that is exactly what a sunroom can do. 

Pick The Right Furniture

Next on the list is our furniture and you cannot just pick anything for this room. You have to be smart and tactical with it. Yes, you still need to take size and style into consideration however, you must consider the materials as well. 


This furniture needs to be UV resistant and not absorb the light and store the heat too much. So if you are thinking of a leather sofa in your sunroom, you can think again. Wooden or patio furniture are both good for this. If you want a fabric sofa in your sunroom then you still can just make sure it is out of the sunlight. 

Consider A Light Colour Scheme

Picking the right colour scheme for your room is also very important, especially when it comes to designing your sunroom. Some colours will absorb the heat too much. Others fit perfectly in a sunroom. If you want to make most of the light entering through the windows, consider light colours such as beige, off-white or even white. 

Add A Rugg To Your Sunroom

The next thing you need to do is to add a rug to your room, especially if you don’t have a carpet in this room. Laminate or tile flooring can get very cold during winter. That is why you need something which will be warm and comfortable.


Soft furnishings shouldn’t be neglected in your sunroom. However, you don’t want it to be any type of rug. Ideally, this rug needs to be durable and easy to clean as muddy paws and footprints could walk across it. A sunroom is going to have a lot of people walking in and out of it. If you want your room to look nice, you need a durable rug for your sunroom. 

Make sure There Is Furniture To Enjoy The View

Lastly, once your room is designed, and painted. You need to carefully place your furniture so you have a nice view. This place should be a comfortable spot to sit while you stare into your garden.


Make this spot comfortable as you will be sitting in this spot for most of the summer when you are not out in it. This furniture should have a throw and a good set of sofa cushion covers that match the colour scheme of the room. If you want, make these cushions your statement piece of the room, adding more colour to your room.


As you can see, there are many ways you can decorate your room and far more than the ideas we provided. Additionally, a lot of thought needs to go into this room and it also needs to be practical. It shouldn’t be a room that you only spend summer in. It should be a room that you are happy to stay in all year round. You could always consider some DIY methods to add a bit more to the room.